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How to avoid bad luck in a leap year

How to avoid bad luck in a leap year

A leap year is considered unfavorable by many people, but there are ways to protect themselves and their families from harm. According to experts, get rid of the negative and get luck in such a period is not difficult. And you can try to do it yourself.

Leap year — scientists view

According to scientists, any leap year is nothing more than an exact copy of a regular year with the simple addition of an extra day. This in no way affects the lives of people, since the planet does not experience any changes in the magnetic and gravitational field. It moves in the same orbit and exactly the same time.

To understand this, it is necessary to examine the cause of the leap year. Scientists even before our era found out that 365 days and 6 hours, that is, an extra quarter of a day. That is why it was decided every four years to add the accumulated day.

To save yourself from troubles in a leap year, there is no need to live somehow differently — this is the conclusion of scientists.

How to protect yourself from harm: the advice of psychics

Psychics have a completely opposite view of a leap year. This period, in their opinion, is associated with the indignation of the dark forces. This year there is a big chance to suffer from negative energy. To protect yourself from problems, you must follow some simple rules:

  • you need to protect yourself from unkind thoughts;
  • you can not pick up objects that do not belong to you (rings, coins);
  • On February 29, a ritual should be held to protect the energy field (you need to pry a page from February from the calendar and burn it or cut it into small pieces, saying the guardian words: go away, evil, go away, famously, kindly, help, everywhere I have a clear path and a bright road «);
  • Do not forget to put on your protective talismans or a cross.

Glance of psychologists

Psychologists give one simple instruction. The source of your concern does not matter, it’s just how you set yourself up. Try to understand this and stop thinking about the fact that the year is not the same as the previous three.

A positive attitude will always give its result, regardless of the opinions of esotericists, scientists, astrologers and the church.

Astrological forecast

Astrologers advise this leap year not to worry about their future, because the Stars do not foretell anything bad. The only thing that all astrologers agree on is that this year will be especially successful for people born under the sign of the Zodiac Leo. If you were born in the year of the Monkey, it will also be a landmark for you.

He can turn everything upside down, and, most likely, for the better.

This year, astrologers advise to be tough, patience, willpower and the desire for a positive result. All this will be highly appreciated by the Monkey, which means that the extra February 29 will not harm you in any way.

Thus, the opinions of scientists are divided, and whose side to take is up to you. The only universal action for attracting luck will be simply maintaining a good mood with the help of faith in yourself and in your strength. Be happy this year and don’t forget to press buttons and

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