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How to attract money to the house: tips Vanga every day

How to attract money to the house: tips Vanga every day

Many face monetary difficulties and do not know how to deal with them. In this case, Vanga’s advice on what needs to be done so that money is always in the house will be useful.

Wanga not only treated people, but also gave advice about bringing happiness, luck and money. People from different parts of the country turned to her, and she left no one without support. There are many eyewitnesses who saw miracles of healing with their own eyes and used her advice, which will always remain valuable.

Council for monday

On the first day of the week to attract financial well-being, you need to stock up on honey and apples. As you know, the brownie loves honey, and, according to Vanga, if you feed him with this sweet delicacy, prosperity will always be present in your home. To feed the brownie, just pour a little honey in a saucer and put it somewhere in the kitchen, preferably near the stove.

Apples, according to Vanga, are also great for attracting money to the house. In order to always have financial abundance in the house, simply put a few apples in the kitchen, tied them with a red ribbon, and leave them next to the honey.

Council on tuesday

On the second day of the week, remove the boots from the cabinet, if they are, and set them at the door. This is a great way to attract money, especially if sometimes wearing boots. Well, if there is no boots, then on Tuesday you can use another healer’s advice — hang bells on the front door.

This ringing thing will not only scare away evil spirits, but also attract wealth and prosperity to the house.

Council on Wednesday

Wanga advised to always have in the house two pieces of natural, without any additives, soap. It is able to cleanse not only physically, but also spiritually, to attract money and good luck to the house. One bar should lie in the bathroom, and the other in the toilet.

On Wednesday with the addition of this soap it is necessary to do a wet cleaning, wash the floors and all the dirty dishes in the house. This rite, according to Vanga, will help attract financial well-being.

Council for thursday

On the fourth day of the week you need to light a candle. According to the prophetess, a candle is the best way to get rid of the negative, purify the aura and attract wealth. Light a candle in the house and walk through all the rooms, then the financial well-being will not take long to wait.

Also on Thursday you need to get one ball of wool and put it in a bag. Walk around with this ball all the day, and then put it back in the closet, and under no circumstances insert knitting needles and hooks into it. This ball is able to attract a lot of money in the house.

Council for friday

On Friday, you need to find on the road the usual black pebble, which should be brought into the house. The stone must be completely black, of any size, even the smallest. According to Vanga, such a pebble contributes to attracting financial well-being and material wealth to the house.

Put a pebble in a prominent place, and it will bring you a lot of profit.

Council for Saturday

On Saturday, Wanga advised to get a pin and fasten it on clothes. According to her, this little thing can not only protect from the evil eye and bad influence, but also attract a huge amount of money into the house.

One more thing for happiness and wealth is a horseshoe. On Saturday, hang it in front of the front door, and it will attract wealth and prosperity to your home.

Council for sunday

On Sunday, Wanga advised to take any Orthodox icon in her hands and pray before her, asking for financial well-being, success in work and good health.

Vanga is a great prophetess respected by many people. Her prophecies still come true to this day, and not one generation uses her advice. To have money in your house, use the advice of a healer.

Let wealth and prosperity come into your life. Successes in everything, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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