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How to attract luck in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

How to attract luck in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

It will be ambiguous, as, in principle, any other year. Due to the fact that the Dog influences some aspects of life positively and negatively affects others, you must always have a plan for attracting good luck.

Yellow Ground Dog — a symbol of restraint and responsibility. In the Eastern culture, this period is considered a time of fertility, effective work, good mood without differences.

Bring luck in love

In love, it is worth reviewing your position if you played with only one goal. Diplomacy is the most important thing from all that you can think of. Treat people as you would like them to do to you.

Know how to put yourself in someone else’s place.

Close people, friends, soul mate, colleagues — they will all be grateful to you if you try not to exaggerate conflicts because of trifles. Be able to forgive people for minor flaws. So that love does not go out of your life, you should not let it out of your heart.

Honesty, lack of envy and hypocrisy will help you to bring good luck in this important area of ​​life. You should not be too jealous. All this greatly destroys the love affair and the spiritual component of love.

Many people will be able to restore a broken relationship, but for the successful outcome of one desire may not be enough. It will be necessary to look at the person in a new way. Forget about what caused the parting. It doesn’t matter now.

It makes sense only the future and the present. So that success in love does not turn away from you, you need to think about the future with a positive, and not taking into account your shortcomings. Remember that you will not win love through empty talk and promise.

We need actions — bright, strong and emanating from a pure heart.

How to attract luck in finance and at work

This is a year of hard work and hard work on ourselves. Good luck in the money will accompany you, if you pay attention to their hobbies. You will be able to find new sources of income, securing success in the usual affairs. Do not be afraid to spend more time learning, gaining new skills.

Only in this way can you win the battle for a place in the sun.

Do not be afraid to work in a team this year. This is one of the most important tips, because teamwork will save you a lot of time. In the same way it will be much easier to find a common language with people.

Difficulties connect people, unite them. Do not be afraid to respond positively to requests for help, which will not end. It is very difficult when incomprehensible things happen around and work comes in from nowhere.

Do not be afraid to look at the world through the lens of positive.

Evaluate your abilities sensibly. Do not waste money in vain. If you want to buy something very expensive, it is better not to do it right away. Think first, let the idea “infuse”.

Rate all the pros and cons. Serious decisions are best made not on a hot head.

How to improve mood

If you feel that there is a period of stagnation, bad mood and apathy, then drop all your business and start doing what you like. Of course, it is worthwhile to act as far as possible. Nobody advises to leave work, because it is wrong.

You need to reconsider your business and your schedule if something does not suit you in it. Any problems will appear due to the fact that you do not have enough motivation.

Ambition is better to restrain a little, but do not let them go out at all. This requires the right people around you, ready to tell you the truth at the crucial moment. Do not be offended by the truth and the world around, because you yourself will build it.

Keep optimistic. you do not need to give him a lot of freedom, but you should not think about the bad either. The mood will change often, but there will be special prerequisites for this, so it will be easier to stay in the saddle than it seems. Remember that thoughts are material.

Your task is to think about a bright future and not imagine how you are a fiasco. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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