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How the day of your acquaintance affects the joint fate

How the day of your acquaintance affects the joint fate

Many people pay special attention to the day of the wedding, but a far more important day is the day of meeting two lovers. He can help you know the fate of a relationship.

A person can change his destiny with the help of actions, thoughts and personal attitudes. To change the fate of a relationship, two people will have to work at once. You should start with an assessment of what day you saw each other for the first time and met.

It is considered such a day as the moment of your first conversation, and not the day when you saw a loved one, but did not approach him or her for some reason.

Evaluation by day of the week

In bioenergy, every day of the week is unique in its properties. If you met your soulmate on Monday, then the fate of such a relationship may be one, and if on Tuesday, then the other.

Monday. On the first day of the week, usually those couples get acquainted, which then will have a lot of personal free time. Such relationships are likely to be free, but strained.

Tuesday. On Tuesdays, finding each other people whose joint destiny will be difficult, but productive. Usually, such relationships teach us something, help us to understand something in this life.

Their duration is unknown.

Wednesday. Having met with someone on this day, one can expect unstable relations, but very bright ones. In most cases, such a relationship does not last very long.

Love in love to flow does not even have time.

Thursday. On the fourth day of the week, a successful acquaintance means that future relationships can be very easy. You will simply find points of contact, you will be able to avoid serious quarrels and conflicts with high probability.

Friday. In such a relationship it is better not to plan anything for later. Getting to know Friday means that you can rather quickly give up on each other.

Such love will require your attention and ability to make quick decisions.

Saturday. Having met someone on Saturday, we can safely develop such a relationship. It is believed that such love will be as long as possible and has a high potential.

The main thing is to set common goals right away.

Sunday. Love dating on the last day of the week promises you a strong affection for each other. In such a relationship there will be a minimum amount of betrayal, but there will be a lot of controversy.

For the duration of such a relationship, as well as «Saturday», can also be very long.

Lunar Evaluation

In the lunar calendar there are favorable and unfavorable days for dating. Knowing the phase of the moon, you can try to assess what your relationship will be.

Waning moon. On the waning moon, it is best to meet those who prefer a long relationship or are looking for a soul mate for building a family. This is also characteristic of friendly relations — they will also be very strong if they originate in periods of decay. The energy of the night luminary is ordered these days.

Love or friendship will be harmonious, but not too bright. During such periods similar people, soul mates attract each other.

Waxing Crescent. If you met your soulmate on the growing moon, then your relationship will be bright. The closer the dating day was to the Full Moon, the shorter your love can be.

That is why, on the growing Moon, the best length of time for first dates and dating is the period from 1 to 7 lunar days, when the Moon has not gained a lot of energy to become uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Full moon. On a full moon, it’s better not to meet, because it promises you big joint problems. On such days, people usually become either enemies or detractors.

Even if at first it seems to you that everything is going well, then some ridiculous little thing can make you run away sharply.

New moon. On the day of renewal of the lunar energy of dating are very difficult, but the result can be a strong friendship. Love relationships in New Moon are born strong, but very boring.

There is a small chance that everything will go in an unpredictable way.

Do not forget that the moon is constantly moving from one sign of the zodiac to another. In this regard, you should consider that the most successful dating is made when the moon was under the influence of Virgin, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini or Cancer. In such conditions, the Moon is always more positive, more generous, because it gives people luck in almost all undertakings.

Of these Zodiac signs, two of the most positive, the stay of the Moon in which makes love dating the best and potentially “tenacious”, should be distinguished. This is about Gemini and Aquarius. The waning moon in these signs is the best time for dating.

Relationships begun during this period are usually the strongest and brightest.

Numerological analysis of dating day

In this case, you will need the exact date of dating. For example, it is 11/07/2009. You need to add all the numbers.

Do this until you get a number from 1 to 9. 0 + 7 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 20. 2 + 0 = 2. The number of love in our example is 2.

Decoding of love numbers:

Unit. Relations are harmonious, stable and understandable to both parties. Love can not fade away for a very long time, but sometimes it can be boring.

Such a relationship is likely to require emotional support.

Two. The number of love 2 is obtained from those people who in a relationship are likely to pull the blanket over themselves. Such relationships will be filled with egoism, so they may not live long.

To prolong the life of such a relationship, experts of the site dailyhoro.ru advise not to conceal anything from each other.

Troika. Ambiguous relationship. Most likely, you will hide something from each other. One should not hope for honesty with such a number of love.

But there will be many common goals and aspirations in life.

Four. Ardentness and passion in such relationships are provided to you, but the harmony will be broken. Over time, such love turns into a war.

Changes in your couple can quickly occur on any emotional level.

Five. In your love can be a lot of jealousy, and, moreover, not always open. With each month and year of relationship you will go into yourself, become more and more secretive.

This problem can be solved, but it is better not to delay its solution.

Six. Your relationship is a partnership. You know how to find a common language, resolve disputes, but you have little passion.

You will probably live together for a long time, but you will have to look for ways to make love more vivid.

Seven. About such a pair often say a lot of good. You look great together, you have great love compatibility.

You should not allow the appearance of distrust in such a marriage or relationship.

Eight. Your union is imbued with good. You have soul mates and a lot in common.

This is one of the best unions of two people, according to numerologists. The only negative is that you can have serious problems that can only be resolved with third parties.

Nine. The number 9 is a sign that your relationship can develop for a long time and fade for a long time. Their duration can be incredibly long, but the quality of the relationship itself often suffers in such cases.

Many may have a very obvious question about how to test their relationships for strength. You can choose one of these three types, but it is better to check love in three ways at once. If there is some dissonance in terms of the results of the analysis, this means that the relationship may develop in several scenarios that will depend on you. The first method is the easiest.

It is a bit more difficult to evaluate love by the lunar calendar and the numerological method, but these methods are the most popular.

Many people want to know their fate, but first it is important to ask yourself whether you need it. Many couples are happy in marriage and in love, because they do not worry about compatibility and possible problems. Remember that happiness in relationships depends on people, and the Moon, the days of the week and the date are a side event of your joint destiny. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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