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Household magic: attract luck every day

Household magic: attract luck every day

Our ancestors knew how to attract well-being to their home and avoid trouble. Each hostess, the keeper of the home, resorted to simple proven tools that attracted luck to the family nest.

Home household magic is one of the most effective ways to attract positive energy to a home. Each woman can take advantage of the proposed advice to her house was a full bowl, where there is no room for negativity.

We attract good luck in the house

After waking up, open the window and recharge with solar energy. Walk around the house barefoot to feel your own home and be on the same wavelength with it. Moving from room to room, say:

«My housemy fortress, good fortune I create myself, my own hearth of shore. ”

In the morning, tune in to positive thoughts. Taking up household chores, imagine not a routine daily work that takes away strength, but benefits and happiness that you bring with your actions. When washing the floor, add essential oils to the water.

They will not only lift your spirits, but also make the air in your home clean, charged with streams of positive energy. Start washing the floors from the farthest room, saying:

“I sweep out the dust from the farthest corners, I don’t know sorrows. I clean the house, I open the door to luck and prosperity. ”

Washing the dishes also turn into a daily ritual that will help you fulfill your cherished wishes. Imagine that you are rubbing the belly of the god Hotei, who will help you enlist the support of a capricious Fortune. Thoughts with which you start matters are able to materialize, therefore decadent mood and irritation are excluded.

Take care of your home, decorate it with fresh flowers so that the house becomes not just a place where you live, but also a place of power in which you feel securely protected. To daily receive an additional source of positive, often smile, sing and communicate with your home.

Get a brownie to help. Make friends with this irreplaceable assistant in the household, and your house will turn into a reliable fortress into which flows of negative energy will not be able to penetrate. Leave him treats in nooks: porridge with butter, milk, sweets.

While doing the washing and ironing of the clothes of your household, give her all your love and care. When stroking a husband’s shirt, think about how you iron it. Speak the words of love, say everything that comes into your head.

This action has tremendous power and will turn a routine exercise into a ritual that protects your family from detractors.

You can bring good luck to your home by your own mood, so exclude any negative manifestations. Use charms and luck charms that will complement your interior. Hang bells in front of the entrance.

They will, by their ringing, show the way to good luck at your door and will be an excellent defense against evil and evil forces.

When cooking, transfer your energy to food, so that it will be filled with your love and care. Salt the food clockwise, saying:

“Good luck luring nourishing salted for lunch. I treat food not overseas, not delicacies. Food homemade, cooked on their own, on the created love, care soaked. «

Any action you do in the house, fill with positive energy. Do not take up the performance of their duties in a bad mood, so as not to frighten off capricious luck. Do not forget that it will only be in the house that is filled with smiles and laughter, in which there is no place for disorder and dirt. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, and forget to press the buttons and

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