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Honey Spas: the history and traditions of the holiday

Honey Spas: the history and traditions of the holiday

In total, in Orthodox Christianity there are three holidays of the Savior: Honey, Apple and Nut. Honey is the most important of them, and for that there are special reasons.

There are many reasons for considering Honey Spas to be the main one out of the three, but the fact that he is the very first does not make him the most important. Here it is necessary to delve into the history of the holiday, its essence and purpose, because the first Savior falls at the beginning of the Assumption Fast.

The meaning of the holiday and its history

Originally, Honey Spas was a day when honey was collected from pagan Slavs. The Orthodox Church decided to pay tribute to the pagan roots of the Slavs, calling the celebration of the Origin of honest trees of the Life-giving Cross the Honey Savior.

From this day it is forbidden to eat meat. In accordance with the church rules, you can only eat vegetables, fruits and, of course, honey. This holiday in Russia was also called the Wet Savior, the Savior on Water, the First Savior.

As in any other multi-day post, it is forbidden to watch entertainment programs on television and it is forbidden to lead too idle life. Still, this is a time of abstinence, which should lead you to enlightenment, make you be closer to God, to the truth of the Lord. It is necessary to pray more, “communicate” more with the Lord, reading prayers at home.

Traditions of Honey Savior

Pagan and Christian traditions do not intersect now, but complement each other. They are mostly tied to honey and collecting honey:

  • On August 14, it is customary to begin honey collections. In the church you can consecrate honey;
  • in churches at Honey Spas they sanctify water in small quantities;
  • in Russia since ancient times they sanctified wells on this holiday;
  • people have always believed that on the Honey Spas, summer begins to gradually recede, losing its strength, giving way to the fall;
  • August 14 is a tradition to sow winter crops;
  • On First Spas, it is customary to visit and treat each other with various goodies.

This day is full and various signs that the church does not approve, but does not prohibit mention of them. For example, on August 14, according to the weather, one can judge what the next summer will be like. If it is warm and clear, then the summer of next year will also be warm and favorable, and the harvest will be abundant.

Otherwise, the situation will be the opposite.

This is a very important day for all who honor religious and national holidays. There is no denying the importance of Honey Savior for all people. This is the time of prayers, joy and the beginning of the two-week Assumption Fast, which ends with the feast of the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God. Have a nice holiday, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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