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Honey Spas August 14: the history and traditions of the holiday

Honey Spas August 14: the history and traditions of the holiday

Honey Spas, also called the First Spas, is celebrated every year on August 14. This is one of the most famous folk church holidays. It has a rich history and colorful traditions.

For Orthodox Christians, this day is especially important, since on August 14 the Assumption Fast begins, dedicated to spiritual preparation for the celebration of the reunification of Mother Protector with her son — Jesus Christ. This day is also celebrated the feast of the Origin of the Honest Trees of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord.

Religious meaning of the holiday

On August 14, there is a big church holiday dedicated to the main symbol of the faith — the cross. He began to celebrate in Constantinople only in the 9th century. At that time, people experienced tremendous problems from hunger and cataclysms.

Every year a kind of religious procession took place. In their hands the priests held the cross of the Lord, which symbolized purification and salvation. Later, this holiday became universal for all faiths.

The festival is modest, since August 14 is the first day of the Assumption Fast. It is allowed to eat only raw food and vegetables. It is necessary to refuse meat and milk, as well as other animal products. At the service, according to tradition, they endure the cross.

The divine service itself is similar to the one held at the crucifixion of Great Lent. Water and honey will be sanctified in churches throughout Russia on this day.

National holiday: history and traditions

“Honey Spas” or “Savior on Water” is a holiday that until the arrival of Christianity on Russian land was called “Macaway”. The holiday has nothing to do with Maca, but since the name is similar, on this day, since ancient times, baked cakes with poppy seeds, made pancakes with honey. At the same time, beekeepers almost always collected honey — the main delicacy of the ancient Slavs.

That is why honey has become the main symbol of the holiday.

The churches sanctify water, because in Russia in ancient times it was customary to clean and sanctify wells. On this day, it is customary to swim, despite the fact that a ban is imposed on it after Ilyin’s day. Also, on August 14, folk traditions suggest going on a visit, a feast, the exchange of gifts and treats, as well as acquaintances.

They say that if you meet a man at Honey Spas, in the near future he can become your best friend or soulmate.

On this day, it was customary for the Slavs to harvest and mow the grass, as well as to harvest in the garden, in the garden and in the fields. That is why even nowadays people try to do as much housework as possible in Honey Spas. Do not forget that this is a day of communication and a family holiday. Stay close to those who love you.

One of the modern traditions is the purchase of new tableware. Honey has always been blessed in a new dish, so people still update kitchen utensils.

On this day, you need to remember how important it is to do good for your loved ones. Religious and folk traditions can intersect in some aspects, but still this ancient festival was and remains the personification of the successful coexistence of church and folk foundations. On this day, it is customary to read prayers for health and family well-being, to attend the temple and do housework, as well as to meet with close people, to give each other good and light. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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