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Home Halloween: how to please the family for a fun holiday

Home Halloween: how to please the family for a fun holiday

Halloween holiday is perfect for a fun meeting with friends. If you wish, you can organize a party at home or just honor the old traditions.

Halloween and home decoration

The house and the people themselves participating in the celebration should look appropriate. Pick a suit for yourself. It doesn’t have to be something scary like Freddy Kruger or Dracula.

It can be cute bunny ears or a kitten, a witch’s hat and similar funny things.

Be sure to prepare a Halloween lamp: cut out the contents of a pumpkin without disturbing its shape or cutting it into pieces. You should have a hollow pumpkin peel. On it it is necessary to cut out a terrible curve mouth with teeth and eyes to make a face. Put a small candle inside: its light will be visible through these holes.

It is the most famous of all the traditions on Halloween. But where did it come from and for what reason is this holiday celebrated? For a better understanding, read his story and find out why it is celebrated on October 31.

If desired, you can decorate the rooms with decorative spiders, bats, ghosts and other evil spirits. All this is sold in stores, but for the sake of homemade Halloween you can decorate the rooms with your own hands.

Food for Halloween: how to treat?

Traditionally, pumpkin dishes are prepared for this holiday. The main place on the holiday table should be pumpkin pie, which can be given an awesome or amusing shape in the spirit of Halloween. Also, as a treat, you can use caramelized apples and all kinds of sweets like caramels and chocolates or chewing candies in the form of various evil spirits: they appear before the holiday.

What to do on the holiday of October 31?

One of the most popular and standard for home Halloween traditions is horror stories. Children eagerly frighten each other with scary stories in dark rooms. But it is better to do this under the supervision of adults.

If we are talking about a small party of adults, you can watch a horror movie, if you can, of course, fall asleep after it. the most harmless way to quietly spend time is fortune telling. On October 31, energy is particularly conducive to communication with the other world. So do not miss the chance and predict Fate, taking advantage of Halloween fortune telling.

Fun can be arranged right at home. In today’s world, Halloween is just a party, which means it’s time to turn on your favorite music and hold contests. Here are some of them.

Get an apple

Pour boiled water into a basin and throw a washed apple into it. The one who passes the competition needs to grab it with his hands, with his teeth alone, and then an apple can be obtained as a prize and eaten. Do not forget to wash the fruit.

Catch the candy

Pour into a small container of water and throw dragees like Skittles into it. Also prepare straw tubes. Through a straw it is necessary to draw in air so as to capture the candy. Whoever gets the most candies won the test.

To complicate the competition, record time, for example, 30 seconds.

Make a mummy

Toilet paper is required for such a competition. Divide into several teams. Each will need two people. One of these people should be wrapped in toilet paper, like a mummy, for a limited time (about 30 seconds).

The one whose body will be closed better and bigger is the winner.

Halloween contests can be more interesting if you show creativity and complicate them. Or maybe you will have ideas for other challenges. But do not forget that Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day, an important Catholic holiday. Have a fun party, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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