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Holiday History March 8

Holiday History March 8

March 8 has its roots far back in time. For more than a century this holiday has united in congratulations to the beautiful half of humanity men of the whole world.

history of the holiday

World Women’s Day had its beginnings in the United States — since 1909, the day dedicated to women, girls and girls officially began to be celebrated in this country. It was not March 8th, but the last Sunday of February — this is how the date of the celebration was chosen every year.

As for the first international celebration, it took place on March 19 in several European countries. Russia was added to this list only in 1913. Further, after the 1920s, the popularity of the holiday decreased.

The celebration of international women’s day has resumed since 1975 by a UN decision.

In many countries, the rules of celebration are a little different from those we are used to, but the essence remains the same. In some countries, for example, a day off on this day is allowed only for the female half of the population or is completely abolished. In Cuba, there are noisy feasts in honor of this holiday, and in Vietnam this day is the day in memory of the Sisters Ching, who gave their lives for their homeland in the war.

Tradition March 8

  • On this day, congratulate all the representatives of the fair sex, and without division into age.
  • March 8, all women, girls and girls receive gifts, the most common of which is a bouquet of flowers.
  • On this day, all women are freed from their traditional family and household responsibilities — they do not cook, they are not cleaned. They rest and receive gifts and attention from men.
  • According to Russian tradition, on March 8 every person has a day off, regardless of gender.

International Women’s Day on March 8, was and remains an important holiday, which shows the respect of the male half of the population for the female. In our courageous country, it is considered good form to be gallant in relation to the weaker sex, which is not found in many other countries. Our men honor the rights of women, and also know that on this day women are allowed to feel weak and defenseless. Good luck to you on March 8, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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