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Hairstyles for the New Year of the Rooster: advice from astrologers

Hairstyles for the New Year of the Rooster: advice from astrologers

On a festive night, every woman wants to be irresistible. Of course, an integral part of the New Year’s image is the hairstyle. Astrologers will tell you what form of styling will not only help create a memorable image, but also attract favorable events to your life.

Before every New Year night, almost every woman seeks to change her image and enter the next year renewed and beautiful. First of all, the changes relate to hair: a variety of haircuts, styling and complex hairstyles on the eve of the New Year enjoy special success. Over the next year, it is necessary to maintain the chosen image: the lunar calendar of haircuts for a year will help you plan a visit to the master.

Hairstyles for long hair on New Year’s Eve

Long flowing hair has a special attractiveness and beauty. Beautiful styling will only add to the charm and help create an unforgettable New Year’s image. According to astrologers, the most successful hairstyle for long hair on a festive night will be voluminous braids: complicated weaving will help to pull the desired and “weave” it into the energy field of a woman.

No less successful haircut will be free curls: this image will help to relax and attract the festive mood and interesting adventures to yourself next year. Bright hairpins, beautiful combs and shiny studs will help you to win the location of the symbol of the year — the Fire Rooster. However, we should not forget that the accessories in the hair should be in harmony with the outfit.

Hair styling and hairstyles for medium length hair

Astrologers advise owners of medium-length hair to pay attention to volumetric styling, decorated with golden or silver sparkles. This hairstyle will attract attention, come to any outfit and at the same time will not be difficult.

If your image requires greater severity, then you can opt for a laconic knot adorned with an elegant hairpin: this hairstyle will contribute to career growth in the coming year.

Hairstyles for short hair in the New Year’s Eve

Short haircut itself requires constant care, but to create a festive look with short hair will not be difficult. A good help in this will be a lacquer or hair gel with sparkles: the festive mood on New Year’s Eve and financial growth next year can be attracted to the owner of this hairstyle like a magnet.

A more elegant image can be created with the help of strict styling and a small elegant hair clip, which will become an accent that attracts the attention of others. This hairstyle for short hair will help everywhere to feel at a height.

For a radical change of the image in the new year, you can dye your hair a different color. Together with the change in color, energy will also change: this is why it is extremely important to choose favorable days for hair coloring. We wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve and only a great mood. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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