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Haircut nails on the lunar calendar in July

Haircut nails on the lunar calendar in July

Many nations have superstitions about nail clipping. If you are afraid of losing your luck, use the lunar calendar. In it you will find valuable information about the days in which you can carry out manipulations with the nails, and the time when these procedures should be abandoned.

It is no secret that girls attach great importance to their appearance. Beauty should be in everything: hair, manicure, clothes and gait. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru know how difficult it is to determine how to look in the near future, so they have prepared lunar calendars for you.

With their help, you can choose a beautiful haircut and create a unique image that will bring good luck. Pay attention and nails, because well-groomed hands will certainly attract the attention of the opposite sex.

July, 12: the waning moon in the constellation of Aquarius carries conflicting energetics. The first day the cutting of nails can negatively affect their condition, therefore astrologers recommend to refuse cutting of nail plates. July 2, the positive effect of the constellation will affect the nails, and a haircut will only strengthen them.

July 3, 4: You can trim your nails on days when the night star is in Pisces, but with some caution. Try not to hurt the nails when you file them. It is best to entrust your hands to a professional who will choose you the best shape and preserve the natural beauty.

July 5, 6 and 7: cutting marigold under the influence of Aries can provoke a surge of negative emotions. The powerful energy of the constellation is so great that for lovers of pointed forms it is better to work a little with a nail file to round off the tips. Otherwise, you can initiate an unpleasant conflict.

July 8, 9: You can give up bad habits and bring good luck to life by trimming your nails while the Moon is in Taurus. The energy of these days will be successful for complex hand skin care.

July 10, 11: The effect of the Gemini constellation will be positive, but be careful when cutting your nails. These days there is a chance of getting cuts that will heal for a long time. In the event that you need to solve complex issues, cut the nails shorter.

July 12, 13: The moon moves to the constellation of Cancer, and astrologers consider this time not the most successful for cutting nails. On the 12th, you can trim their shape, and during the New Moon on July 13 it is better not to touch the nail plates with tools at all. At this time, you should pay attention to the care of the cuticle and make the bath with oils.

July 14, 15: definitely positive days of the stay of the Moon in Leo cannot be called. If you need to raise self-esteem, cut your nails on the 15th. July 14 do not need to touch the nails, so as not to injure them.

On this day, cutting can cause not only lamination and fragility, but also turn financial success away from you.

July 16, 17: The positive influence of Virgo these days allows you to carry out any procedures with nails. Shortening the nail plate, you get rid of irritability and be able to find a common language with loved ones.

July 18, 19: The positive effect of the Libra constellation will help nails gain strength. These days, cutting and sharpening the nail plates will help you attract the attention of the opposite sex.

July 20, 21 and 22: for three days the moon will occupy a position in the constellation Scorpio. This time will not be the most successful for cutting nails due to the changeable influence of this Mark. The growing moon will accelerate the growth of nail plates, which can make them fragile.

Firming varnish and the use of vitamin supplements will help you to get rid of problems.

July 23, 24: You can cut your nails on Monday and Tuesday, but be careful. These days there is a chance of infection, so treat your nail care tools with care and do not forget to disinfect them.

July 25, 26, 27: it is necessary to postpone the cutting of regrown nails only on July 27. On other days, the effect of Capricorn will be positive, but do not give your nails a shape that is not natural to your image.

July 28, 29: Energy Moon in Aquarius favorably affects the skin of the hands. Astrologers recommend holding a massage to get rid of problems and improve your mood. These days it is not recommended to round out the shape of the nails in order not to become a victim of deception.

July 30, 31: The moon passes into the constellation Pisces, which has a strong influence on emotions. 30 number cut nails shortly should not be in order not to lose the positive attitude. On the last day of July, nail clipping will attract good luck to you.

Trimming your nails, think about how the negative goes out of your life. This technique will help you get rid of sad thoughts and believe in yourself. Consider the days of the week in which you are going to carry out manipulations with the nail plates.

Some of them are completely unsuitable for this occupation and only weaken your nails. We wish you happiness and health, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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