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Great post: fasting menu for every day

Great post: fasting menu for every day

Lent is not only a time of abstaining from fast food, but also a period of spiritual purification. He is called to prepare believers for the Easter holiday, so that everyone can meet this bright day with a pure soul and an open heart.

The time of physical and spiritual abstinence is a period given to a person with the goal of moderating his desires and needs and thereby approaching the Lord. Daily prayers for themselves and their loved ones, as well as the rejection of worldly pleasures, elevates the soul and allows it to develop in piety and faith in happiness. Lent will begin on February 27th and continue until April 15th.

For this period, the Church recommends that all Orthodox Christians adhere to the Lenten menu, excluding meat products from their diet.

First week of fasting

Monday, February 27th. Today, according to church canons, it is worth refraining from eating and devoting time to prayers.

Tuesday February 28th On Tuesday, limit your diet to bread, mostly black, and as a drink, water, kvass and tea without sugar are allowed.

Wednesday March 1st. Eat raw vegetables fruits. You can diversify the menu with dried fruits, nuts, herbs and bread.

Thursday, March 2. The menu is identical to Wednesday, March 1st.

Friday, March 3rd. The church does not allow to use vegetable oil. Also it is necessary to limit raw products.

Cooking on this day should not be.

Saturday, March 4th. Today stick to the Friday menu. Grape and apple juices are allowed.

Sunday March 5th. Today allowed cooking with the addition of vegetable oil. Also allowed to use red dry wine in small quantities as a participle.

Second week of fasting

Monday, March 6th. Porridge on water, vegetable soup, potatoes, fresh vegetables and fruits are allowed.

Tuesday, March 7th. You can diversify the menu with jam or jam. As the main food, use cereals cooked in water, as well as dried fruits and nuts.

Wednesday, March 8th. Include in the diet solyanka or other dishes using cabbage.

Thursday, March 9th. To the porridge on the water, add vegetable oil. Allowed to eat homemade blanks.

Friday, March 10th. For a change in the menu, prepare a vinaigrette, pea soup and potato patties.

Saturday, March 11th. Allowed to add home canning to the main menu. Today, the first parent Saturday, in which the Orthodox visit the cemetery in order to honor the deceased relatives.

Sunday, March 12th. On this day, fried potatoes, fruits and vegetables are allowed.

In general, the menu of the second week of fasting includes all the main products, with the exception of food of animal origin, so the hostess can use every day to prepare new dishes. Alcohol is completely excluded. The ban also applies to over-eating.

Third week of fasting

Monday, March 13th. Any grits cooked in water or vegetable broth are allowed.

Tuesday, March 14th. Use vegetable cabbage rolls, fresh vegetable salad and boiled potatoes.

Wednesday, March 15th. Diversify the menu with nuts and fresh herbs. They provide a sufficient amount of energy and contribute to the rapid saturation of the body.

Thursday, March 16th. Today, as a variety, cook red beans from lobio.

Friday, March 17th. Buckwheat cutlets and rice porridge with the addition of raisins, as well as fruit compote improve mood.

Saturday, March 18th. As a main course for lunch, please household members with pickle and a vinaigrette containing a large amount of vitamins. Today is the second parent Saturday.

Visit the cemetery and pray for your departed relatives.

Sunday March 19th Vegetable borsch, as well as potato patties with the addition of fresh herbs will delight with its taste.

Fourth week of fasting

Monday, March 20th. On this day, eat legumes with the addition of dried fruit.

Tuesday March 21st. Today for lunch, serve vegetable soup with large pieces of carrot and green peas, as a dessert you can make fruit jelly.

Wednesday, March 22 Fresh cabbage soup and fruit salad seasoned with sweet soy milk.

Thursday, March 23rd. Today, your homework will fit perfectly to the fried potatoes.

Friday March 24th. Add mushrooms to your diet. With their beautiful aroma, they will remind you of the approaching long-awaited summer and will charge you with good emotions.

Saturday, March 25th. Make a porridge of rice and millet in the oven, adding dried fruits to taste. March 25 is the third parent Saturday.

Sunday, March 26th. To buckwheat porridge add fried onions with carrots, also prepare a healthy salad of tomatoes and cucumbers. Decorate dishes with greens.

The fifth and sixth week of fasting

In these weeks, you can use the recommendations of previous days and prepare food, focusing on your taste preferences. Cooking is still not worth using butter, as well as mayonnaise and other dressings, including milk, eggs and other food of animal origin.

Seventh week of fasting

Last week of Great Lent is extremely strict. This is the final stage before the celebration of Easter.

Monday to Wednesday the church bans cooking — use raw fruits and vegetables on the menu.

AT Thursday Any cereal cooked in water is allowed.

Friday — a strict day, in which only bread (yesterday’s best) and water is possible.

AT saturday It is forbidden to eat food. Drink more fluids so as not to harm your health.

Sunday falls on Easter and means the end of Great Lent.

This is a sample list of products that you can replace with others that are similar in composition. Such a strict fasting has been compiled for clergy and monks, and ordinary people can be relaxed by eating the products necessary to keep themselves in good condition. Remember also that sick people, pregnant women and children should not maintain such an ascetic menu, since they require significantly more vitamins.

Daily prayers in Lent bring every Orthodox person closer to God. With prayers we purify our souls from negative and corrupting influence. Be honest with yourself and those around you, do more good deeds, and you will prepare yourself for the meeting of Holy Easter in the best possible way. All you well, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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