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Grandma’s Tips: Everyday Wisdom

Grandma’s Tips: Everyday Wisdom

Every day we are faced with such situations that may adversely affect the energy of your home. However, the wise advice of our grandmothers always help to rectify the situation.

Signs of consent in the family

You can not take someone’s handkerchief and give it. In this case, a handkerchief is associated with tears that they wipe. Therefore, using someone else’s handkerchief, you can bring on others’ misfortunes and misfortunes.

However, negative effects can be avoided. As popular wisdom advises, it is necessary for this to formally pay off: to give something in return. For example, a penny, or an apple.

In order not to quarrel, it is necessary to be very attentive to piercing-cutting objects. They are associated with harsh words that family members can later say to each other. Signs for every day are advised not to leave the knife lying on the table: be sure to wash it before bedtime and clean.

Otherwise, conflicts will arise within the family.

Also, do not serve a pin and take it from other hands. It is better to take it yourself. It is believed that this small object can cause a lot of harm to the fate of a person. But in this case, you can buy off a quarrel.

For this it is necessary that, giving a pin, you were purposely pricked, neatly and not strongly.

Cash advice from our grandmothers

To keep money in the house, they should not be shown to strangers. Indeed, among people there are those who can jinx and adopt the positive monetary energy of your home. But for the most common security reasons, this is also a logical warning: once again save yourself from theft.

Also, popular wisdom advises to remove some money under the tablecloth. It will constantly attract wealth to you. And in order not to lose it, in any case, do not sit on the table.

Of course, such beliefs can be easily explained: the table is laid on what has already been earned, which means that proper and decent handling of it can indirectly affect the financial energy industry.

A few more tips on how to maintain wealth in your home are about bread. If the sun has already gone down, do not start cutting a new loaf: as Grandma’s wisdom says, it will definitely bring some losses. Especially, if you have the habit of shaking off the crumbs with a hand or paper napkin.

So you only stronger turn away your own wealth. In general, many beliefs are connected with the kitchen, with the help of which you can avoid any troubles.

Tips on how not to attract evil to your home

There is a belief that our grandmothers passed on to us from mouth to mouth — not to leave dirty dishes and not to scatter clothes. Yes, children are so often frightened, saying that because of this the devil will come. Nevertheless, the daily maintenance of cleanliness is very justified not only from a hygienic point of view.

The more dirt in your house, the more negative energy accumulates there, which contributes not only to quarrels, but also to diseases.

Why did grandmothers always say that to say hello, say goodbye and pass through the threshold — is it bad and wrong? Because behind the house, according to the beliefs of the Slavs, there are completely different spirits that may be hostile to man. Greeting through the threshold, you create a kind of gap between the house and the outside world, through which positive protective energy can escape from the house and, conversely, come negative.

Not only ancestral advice, but also ancient Chinese wisdom can help you in daily maintenance of positive energy. Feng shui at home noticeably changes the atmosphere for the better, so we suggest that you put at least a few of the 12 strongest talismans for your home. May your family be well, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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