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Golovosek September 11: signs and traditions of the holiday

Golovosek September 11 of the year: signs and traditions of the holiday

This Slavic holiday got its name from the religious, when the church celebrates the Day of the Beheading of John the Baptist. September 11 in the memory of the people associated with a variety of traditions, and customs will accept. They help to cope with difficulties and bring good luck to life.

September 11, or August 29 in the old style, the people celebrate the holiday Golovosek. At this time, believers observe strict fasting in order to get rid of sins and pray to the Supreme Powers. On this day, they remember John the Forerunner, whom they pray for in order to gain health and strengthen their faith.

It is recommended to observe the Orthodox and folk traditions of the holiday, in order to avoid trouble and avoid trouble.

Holiday Traditions

The people on this day observed many prohibitions in memory of a mournful event. The main one is the ban on the use of all that has a round shape. It is believed that such products resemble the head of a saint, and if there are any, you can add the wrath of the Higher Forces.

On the day of the holiday is forbidden to have fun. and those who violate the ban, you can not wait for happiness. It is customary to celebrate the Day of Remembrance with family, prayers to John the Baptist and observe strict fasting in order to be cleansed from sins and allow the soul to develop.

You can’t do housekeeping and hard work on the 11th and don’t take sharp objects that resemble the sword that cut off John the Baptist’s head. Round harvesting is forbidden: apples, turnips, pumpkins, onions, cabbage, potatoes and other crops.

It is forbidden to go to the forest for a holiday, as snakes gather there before wintering. To collect herbs and roots on this day is in the fields and meadows, but with care, because snakes can crawl there. Medicinal raw materials are collected by hands, since it is better not to cut anything on Golosovek.

On the day of the holiday, Orthodox believers go to the morning service, fast and do not eat animal products. It is believed that keeping all church covenants on this day exempts from sins.

The clergy urge to abandon any activities related to entertainment. On this day, it is better to devote yourself to prayers and temperance.

Signs on September 11

Many will be observed in September, and this holiday also applies. Ancestors left a rich oral heritage, which to this day helps to avoid trouble. On the day Golovosek increases the likelihood of injury, so the signs are better to follow.

  • They do not give money in debt and do not give anything away from home, so that they do not wander in poverty.
  • New things do not start — they will not go.
  • On Golovosek to cut your hair in a short time, otherwise the hair will spoil, the spit will become liquid.
  • Do not eat a round one and do not put it on the table, otherwise trouble will knock at the house.
  • Forget the knife on Golovoseka, or else the knife will cut you.
  • You can not have fun on the day of the holiday, otherwise you will cry the whole year.
  • The child was born that day, Ivan, adverts, to save him from any troubles.
  • Do not eat red and do not drink, so that John will not be angry.
  • Do not drink wine, otherwise you will become a drunkard.

Despite the fact that the church does not approve of many popular beliefs, our ancestors observed religious prohibitions and popular covenants. On the day of the holiday, it is worthwhile to pray to John the Baptist and the Supreme Powers in order to cope with a strict fasting, to receive healing and to get rid of sins. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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