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Gifts for the year do it yourself

Gifts for the year do it yourself

Gifts are a necessary element of any holiday. So that they could convey your warm feelings towards the addressee, make them better with your own hands.

New Year is an unusual and fabulous holiday. During this period, we want to share our festive mood with all our relatives and show our attention to them. As a rule, preparation for the New Year’s Eve begins in advance. We are considering where and how to spend the holiday, what will be on the New Year’s table and, of course, what we will give to our relatives.

Usually, difficulties arise precisely with the choice of a gift, because it is so difficult to show your love for a person with the help of a usual thing. Surprise loved ones and make for them a real surprise will help you experts site dailyhoro.ru. We present to your attention options for simple gifts that you can make with your own hands.

DIY gifts for the New Year

— Year of the Earth Dog. This animal is distinguished by kindness, loyalty and love to the household. All these qualities must be embodied in your gift.

It is important to make every effort and make it from the heart. Do not forget about the brightness and originality, because the New Year is a unique and magical holiday.

Packaging for New Year’s gift. On the eve of the holiday in the shop windows you can see a huge number of brilliant packages for gifts with various images and patterns. However, it can be done independently, taking into account the tastes and preferences of the addressee.

The easiest option to make the original packaging is to take any one-colored box and decorate it with various shiny stickers or buttons. Consider the symbolism of the holiday: there must be images of dogs on the package. The box can be tied with a satin ribbon.

You can also put a gift in the box and paste it with a cloth. Choose your own pattern, but remember that the future patroness’s favorite color is yellow.

If you intend to donate money, then put a gift in an envelope made with your own hands. For this you will need:

Carefully draw a large rhombus on paper and cut it along the contour. After that, glue it into an envelope. Decorate it with drawings or shiny fabric and paper clippings.

Wait for the glue to dry. Many people do not take money as a spiritual gift, but if you put it in such an envelope, then you will definitely please your loved ones.

A souvenir with your own hands. Not every one of us is able to make a beautiful gift on our own. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, but the result is only frustrating.

In this case, present a simple souvenir in the form of a dog that you can easily make with your own hands.

The easiest way to mold it from clay. Do not forget to separately make the eyes and mouth, so that your figure was full.

Also, the dog can be from the test. In this case, the gift does not have to be edible — if you cover it with paint, it will become a beautiful souvenir. To preserve it for a long time, cover it with a clear lacquer for furniture.

You can make any souvenir, symbolizing the New Year. It can be not only a dog, but also Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowmen, snowflakes and so on. No matter what you prefer, the main thing is that the gift be made with love.

Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree is one of the main attributes of the New Year holidays, and decorations for it will be a beautiful and useful gift. Moreover, to make them yourself is not difficult.

New Year is a family holiday, so it will be original if photos of family members appear on your Christmas decorations. You will need:

  • transparent and empty Christmas tree toy (7.5 centimeters);
  • small photos of your loved ones (preferably 5 × 5);
  • thin shiny ribbon;
  • toothpick.

Unscrew the top of the Christmas tree toys and push the photo there. Using a toothpick, straighten the image so that it does not look wrinkled. Spin the top of your jewel again.

Diversify its appearance with shiny paper snowflakes. Attach the ribbon so that you can hang the toy on the Christmas tree.

Christmas candlestick. Many people put a candlestick on the New Year’s table, and looking at the fire, they make a wish to the chiming clock. You can make a candlestick quickly and easily, and most importantly — independently.

It will be a great gift or addition to the gift.

For the manufacture of Christmas candlestick you will need:

  • wine glass;
  • tinting black paint;
  • white acrylic enamel;
  • alcohol;
  • cotton pad;
  • palette;
  • Matt lacquer;
  • two brushes;
  • small candle.

To decorate the gift:

  • acrylic paints;
  • palette;
  • a glass of water;
  • tassel.

First you need to disinfect the wine glass. To do this, slightly moisten a cotton pad with alcohol and wipe it.

The leg of the glass cover with black paint, it is desirable to use tinting. Paint its top with white acrylic enamel.

After the glass dries, cover it with a matte varnish so that your gift does not get dirty.

To make the candlestick look really festive, decorate it with various patterns to your taste. To do this, use multi-colored acrylic paints.

Turn the glass down the neck, and on the leg, install a small candle.

Be sure to put this candlestick on your New Year’s table. It will give your home even more comfort and create a festive atmosphere.

New Year’s bouquet. We are used to the fact that bouquets are usually made up of flowers. Recently, however, they often contain sweets or soft toys.

Such a gift will especially please children or girls.

For the manufacture of a bouquet you will need:

  • Styrofoam;
  • page from a glossy magazine or newspaper;
  • the cloth;
  • crepe paper;
  • crepe paper;
  • glue;
  • floristic wire;
  • sweets and toys;
  • the cloth.

To start, create the basis of your bouquet. This can be done using foam. Cut out a circle of necessary width from it — it depends on what size your gift will be.

Its top should be flat, and from the bottom it is necessary to cut off the edges to give the bouquet a cone-shaped look.

Make the leg of the bouquet from the page of a glossy magazine or newspaper. Give it a cylindrical shape and do not forget that it must be strong. Attach it to the bottom of the base of your bouquet.

After that, take the corrugated paper and wrap the composition with it. Secure it with crepe paper from below.

To secure the toys, you will need floristic wire. To install it, make a hole in the foam and insert it there. After that, string the toys on the wire, gently piercing them.

To make the bouquet beautiful, decorate its bottom with a cloth and use a hot glue to attach candy to it.

To decorate the bouquet, you can use cones, beads and decorative artificial flowers.

The easiest way to choose gifts for your loved ones, because you all know about their tastes and preferences. But sometimes we have to make surprises to unfamiliar people. To make your gift pleasant and useful, use the horoscope of gifts on the Sign of the Zodiac. We wish you all the best for the new year, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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