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Geomagnetic activity from February 31 to 5: the impact on health and energy

Geomagnetic activity from February 31 to 5: the impact on health and energy

At the end of January and the first week of February, a protracted geomagnetic disturbance is expected with a strong storm. Prepare in advance and protect yourself will help the recommendations of this article.

The influence of the Sun on the geomagnetic field of the Earth is constantly. Scientists accurately predict periods of disturbance in the magnetosphere and give meteorically dependent people the opportunity to prepare for deterioration. In January and February, the prolonged influence of solar winds can also cause discomfort to those who are not subject to atmospheric changes.

Changes in health and mood, as well as sudden headaches and exacerbation of chronic diseases may be associated with flashes on the sun. During this period, scientists and astrologers in one voice warn people about the negative impact and advise taking protective measures. Particular attention should be paid on February 3 — on this day the activity of the Sun will be high and entail a massive deterioration of health and a decrease in efficiency.

Signs of effects on health and energy and control methods

Symptoms that characterize people’s susceptibility to geomagnetic disturbances vary. For some, the deterioration of health occurs some time before the disturbances, others feel unwell at the moment of Sun activity, and still others suffer from headaches in the last period of this negative phenomenon.

The main signals of an organism sensitive to a natural phenomenon, people include:

  • moderate and severe headaches;
  • loss of appetite;
  • nausea and general weakness of the body;
  • exacerbated chronic diseases and incessant seasonal colds;
  • body aches;
  • drowsiness or prolonged insomnia;
  • tremor in the limbs;
  • mood swings and tearfulness, as well as unmotivated aggression and depressive states.

Also during these periods, attacks on the human biofield are becoming more frequent, because a weakened body is not able to fight negative energy. To protect against this influence, as well as to prevent the evil eye and damage, astrologers recommend the use of personal talismans and amulets. They help to improve the tone of the body and prevent the leakage of vitality.

To get rid of headaches, you can use the tips of traditional medicine. Practice shows that these techniques can reduce the attacks and reduce them to a minimum over time. However, if you are worried about your condition, contact your doctor.

He will select the right medication and help in the fight against migraine attacks.

Herbal treatments are gaining popularity, because they gently and beneficially affect the overall condition of the body. Healing pillows can improve well-being. They help to cope with the main symptoms of the influence of geomagnetic disturbances.

Herbal supplements also have a positive effect on overall well-being, facilitate seasonal diseases and provide an opportunity to relax.

During the period of magnetic storms should follow the basic rules:

  • try to spend as little time as possible under the open sky;
  • rest and get enough sleep more often;
  • limit physical activity to avoid overwork and loss of strength;
  • use meditation to restore energy balance;
  • in work, avoid heightened mental activity and alternate matters that require attention with routine work;
  • lift your spirits, because a positive attitude has a beneficial effect on the general condition and helps in the fight against ailments;
  • avoid overeating and stop choosing foods that are rich in vitamins;
  • taking alcohol on days of solar activity is prohibited.

On Friday, February 3, do not schedule important meetings and solving many problems at the same time. The best way out of the situation is to perform routine work that does not require increased attention and overvoltage.

It is possible to improve well-being and recharge your batteries during this difficult time for the body with the help of essential oils. Remember that timely measures help to avoid the strong influence of solar activity and are a good preventive measure for overall health. We wish you a good feeling, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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