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Friday 13th of July: what not to do on this day

Friday 13th of July: what not to do on this day

In July of the year, Friday falls on the 13th. Knowing the troubles worth fearing, you can bypass the risks and believe in your own success.

Much has been said and written about the negative energy of Friday 13. Popular belief says: if the fifth day of the week fell on the 13th day of the month — expect trouble. What only negative consequences do not promise us signs and superstitions on Friday 13!

But experts of the site dailyhoro.ru advise not to get upset ahead of time by looking at the calendar.

Features Friday 13th of July of the year

This year, Friday 13 coincides with two important astronomical events: a solar eclipse and a new moon. The day will indeed be difficult, but it is necessary to fight for luck as never before. With decadent moods to go far will not work.

What is not recommended to do on Friday 13

Be careful when handling sharp metal objects. Hammering nails, wielding scissors or shears, you can get hurt. and this risk increases on the 13th. By the way from gardening it is also better to refuse, limiting them to matters related to the water element, such as watering or spraying.

Given the impact on the lives of people eclipse, better do not play with fire. In the literal sense of the word: the fire element at such a time is unpredictable and unsafe. Be sure to hide the matches from children, do not leave the stove unattended.

Being in nature before the coming weekend, do not forget to carefully put out the fires and watch the barbecue. It is even better, of course, to move the kebabs to another day and not to provoke the fire element on Friday 13.

Give up on traumatic sport. On Friday 13 it is better not to tempt fate and spend the evening in peace and quiet, for a pleasant film or a good book. In addition, the abrasions and sores received on this day heal longer.

Do not wish evil. On such a day, what has been said in hearts can come true. You should not create yourself and other unnecessary troubles, much less wish for misfortune.

On Friday, the 13th day, folk omens are not recommended. cut nails and hair. A trip to a beauty salon is better to postpone. On such a negatively stained date, along with the nails or the tips of the hair, part of the energy goes out and the biofield is disturbed.

Do not start new businesses. Energy on July 13 will be at zero due to the New Moon, so it is better to bring to the logical conclusion of some of the current tasks.

It is not recommended to go to July 13 difficult and long journey. Of course, the campaign for bread and work is not necessary to cancel, but to protect yourself and move the trip to another time — only for the better.

You can not flirt with otherworldly forces. If you are already going to hold rituals or rituals tied to such a difficult date, protect yourself with strong talismans. A simple fortune-telling on the betrayed can wait.

Wait a while with financial issues. All sorts of debts and loans will not justify the hopes placed on them and will not pay off, if you take up the case on the 13th day. In July, there will be more favorable days for monetary decisions.

Friday 13 is considered a day of failure and misfortune, and there are many reasons for this. But do not take superstition too close to your heart, so as not to program yourself to fail. We wish you a happy week, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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