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Friday 13: Seven cautions on the most dangerous day of summer

Friday 13: Seven cautions on the most dangerous day of summer

Friday 13 is often called a witch’s day. Danger warns us at every step, so it is important to remain calm and not to be vigilant.

The superstitions associated with this day are not groundless. On Friday, the 13th day, the strongest rituals and ceremonies are performed, and esotericists believe that on this day evil spirits freely walk the earth and search for a victim. Even the most skeptical people, experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend adhering to certain rules in order not to turn away from themselves good luck.

What to watch out for on Friday 13

Friday 13 will be very unusual: on this day there will be a partial solar eclipse, which also affects people. A powerful surge of energy can turn against our ideas and plans, so astrologers recommend putting aside everything that is connected with risk. Find out how the energy of this day will be reflected in each of the Zodiac Signs in order to protect yourself as much as possible from any negative.

1. Be extremely vigilant when it comes to your money. On this day, financial luck can turn away at any time, so you need to exclude everything related to the transfer of their savings. Do not lend and do not borrow, do not invest money in dubious projects and give up large purchases.

On the 13th the probability of cheating increases, so it’s better not to get involved with the financial side of life.

2. Discard new cases. Any undertakings dedicated to Friday 13 may be a failure. The unfavorable energy of the day can put an end to even the best of intentions and eliminate all developments.

At this time it is best to do the routine work that you know inside and out. Find an occupation that does not take you much time and effort, otherwise you may be in a dangerous and shaky position.

3. Avoid negative thinking. The power of the thought of the 13th is capable of harming you if you have conceived something wrong or are in a bad mood. On this day, especially careful to be next to the mirrors, when you look at your reflection.

Think only of the positive and in no case say bad things out loud. The mirror surface can reflect your words and multiply them, giving you many problems in the future.

4. Do not plan to travel long distances on this day. The road may be too risky for you. On Friday 13, there is an increase in dangerous accidents on the road, so you should not risk it in vain.

In case you need to go on business, read a prayer for travelers and be extremely vigilant, especially if you are going to drive a vehicle.

5. Avoid shaving nails and hair. Superstitious people know that on a day filled with negative energy, you should not risk your health and luck. Trimming hair and trimming your nails on this day is risky due to the possibility of losing your vitality and good luck.

Astrologers recommend choosing a more suitable day and not risking when the energy of the planets and stars is unfriendly.

6. On this day it is better not to look around. The number 13 is associated with a multitude of cautions and superstitions that concern all walks of life. According to beliefs, looking back on this day, you can see negative events, bring troubles into life, which are difficult to get rid of, and even see your own death.

Like it or not, no one knows for sure, but superstitious people prefer not to take risks and not turn around, especially in the dark on a deserted street.

7. On Friday 13 do not drink alcohol. It is believed that the devil himself carries alcoholic drinks on this day and may incline you to the bad habit of drinking every day. Drinking alcohol can lead to various problems, as well as cause illness and injury.

Friday 13 can be made a good day, if in the morning to tune in to positive thoughts. Spend this day in the circle of loved ones who will support you. Believe in the best and drive away thoughts of sad events. We wish you happiness and health, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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