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Friday 13: how dangerous this day is and how to avoid trouble

Friday 13: how dangerous this day is and how to avoid trouble

Many people fear Friday 13, believing that this day is fraught with many problems and troubles. To protect yourself, you should prepare in advance for this day and find out what dangers lurk at this time and how to avoid them.

There are many superstitions about Friday 13. It is believed that on this day there is an accumulation of negative energy and dark forces, because of which a person is in danger. The most superstitious people on the 13th prefer not to leave their native home at all and abstract themselves from communicating with others.

Even believers have a special attitude to this day. According to beliefs, it was the 13th of Adam and Eve who tried the forbidden fruit. In addition, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place on Friday.

Perhaps all the historical events and superstitions associated with this date are just coincidences. However, experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend that you find out about the troubles that are on Friday 13th, as well as about the measures you need to take to protect yourself.

What is dangerous Friday 13

From the point of view of astrology, Friday 13th is a day with negative energy. At this time, many people complain about the deterioration of the emotional and physical condition, as well as a decrease in productivity. First of all, you should pay special attention to your health: if your state of health has deteriorated, immediately consult a doctor.

If you have a business trip or a trip scheduled for this day, it is advisable to postpone them for a safer time. Avoid driving around unfamiliar terrain and carefully control the vehicle. Even while walking, care should be taken so that evil forces do not lead you astray.

It is strictly forbidden to go into the woods or to other deserted places, otherwise you risk not only to run into trouble, but also to forget the way home.

Every day we have to use computers and gadgets, but on Friday 13 we should use them as little as possible. Negative energy can affect their work, which can cause malfunctions and incorrect operation of electronic devices. When working with important documents, save them in advance, otherwise you risk losing important information.

On Friday, 13 it is recommended to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere, but it is better to refuse altogether from noisy parties and drinking alcoholic beverages. Fun, laughter, and a large crowd of people are attracted to impure forces, and at this point troubles can happen to each of your friends. It is advisable to give preference to meditation and walks in the fresh air.

On this day, you should refuse to sign important contracts, conclude deals and new ventures. On Friday 13th failure can expect you at any moment. It is advisable to devote more time to the completion of old affairs and not to plan anything.

At this time you should not rely on luck, as fortune is unlikely to be on your side.

Not spared trouble and love of life. Therefore, on Friday 13 it is undesirable to enter into marriages, get acquainted with the opposite sex and go on dates. On this day, no need to give in to emotions and sort things out with your loved one: even a minor conflict can cause separation. The negative energy of the day can affect relations between spouses and their family harmony.

Scandals, misunderstandings, disobedience of children — this is not all that married couples can expect at this time.

Thanks to the mystical significance of Friday the 13th on this day many rites and rituals are performed. However, beginners should not resort to manipulation, so as not to incur trouble.

According to superstition, it is forbidden to stand under the stairs on this day. Our ancestors believed that the ladder symbolizes the burden of responsibility. Being under it, you run the risk of bringing new problems into your life that you will be hard to handle.

Also on Friday 13 you should not use the ladders and the elevator.

On Friday, 13 should beware of black cats. If he crosses your path, immediately change the route. You should not look into the cat’s eyes, otherwise you will see a reflection of the future, and it is unlikely it will be bright.

At this time, any meeting may not be accidental. If on Friday 13 you have a conflict with the opposite sex, it means that you will meet love again soon. To quarrel with a friend that day — to a dangerous enemy.

To see a woman with an empty bucket — to poverty and large financial losses.

It is believed that on Friday 13 should postpone visits to the hairdresser or makeup artist. First, your new look is unlikely to be successful. Secondly, shortening hair can affect your memory.

It is necessary to refuse and from other cosmetic procedures, for example, hairstyles of nails.

On the 13th you should look at your reflection less often and not approach the mirrors in a bad mood. According to popular wisdom, it is on Friday 13 that portals open up to the other world, through which evil forces can enter your house.

How to avoid trouble

After learning about the dangers you may encounter on Friday 13, you should learn how to avoid them. On this day it is strictly prohibited:

  • have fun, drink alcohol and have a noisy party;
  • make magnificent weddings, get married;
  • enter into contracts, sign important papers, conduct financial transactions, look for work;
  • plant plants, start animals;
  • cut hair and nails;
  • go on long journeys, get behind the wheel in a bad mood;
  • wear black clothes;
  • borrow or lend money;
  • tell others about their plans, intentions, share their secrets;
  • quarrel, provoke other people into conflict, show aggression;
  • mourn the dead and visit the cemetery.

By following these simple rules, you can protect yourself, which means that troubles and troubles will not affect your life.

One can only hope that Friday 13th and the troubles associated with this day are merely the fears of superstitious people. However, do not neglect your own security, because problems can arise on any given day. To protect yourself, take advantage of strong amulet against the evil eye, envious people and problems.

We wish you good luck. take care of yourself and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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