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Forecast for Russia for the year from Arina Evdokimova

Forecast for Russia for the year from Arina Evdokimova

Arina Evdokimova, participant of the 1st season of the “Battle of the Psychics”, told portal Dni.ru about what awaits Russia in the new year. Astrological and numerological forecasts of Arina Evdokimova amaze with their accuracy of names and dates.

Stars of show business often turn to Arina for help. So, in 2005, Evdokimova predicted two children to Kirkorov, and Baskova warned about an emergency operation. On the eve of the New Year, Arina made a forecast for Russia for the year, in which she spoke in detail about the future of the economy and the problems that may arise.

Arina Evdokimova’s forecast for the year for Russia: economy, dollar and society

Arina Evdokimova outlined several trends of the year:

Change this year, something will be problematic. According to the psychic, the year is considered the year that sums up the previous seven-year period. With his arrival, the processes that started earlier will escalate. If a person stands on the threshold of some decision or action, he will make it.

Despite the fact that changing something this year will be difficult, you can adapt to the rules and new laws of this year.

2015 will break stereotypes and change people’s thinking. According to the forecast of Arina Evdokimova, it is necessary to think and act differently. This year, much attention needs to be paid to the small things and given promises.

This time will require greater responsibility, prudence and wisdom.

Unleash the creative potential. year — the time of creative people. According to the clairvoyant, during this period, many people of art will be able to achieve success. All people who can bring more creativity and creativity into their lives will be able to achieve their goals.

  • Economic forecast for Russia for the year

The first three months of this year will be light and stable. Many will feel relieved, waiting for the economic crisis of the year in Russia. The tension in society will subside and several positive changes will occur in the country. However, in the middle of the year stability will disappear.

In the middle of summer Russians will be in a state of disharmony and lack of stability. According to the forecast, the dollar will fluctuate again, which will make us jittery. Many will have to change their way of life in order to find a way out of difficult situations.

Despite the unstable situation in Russia, Arina Evdokimova called this period very promising for starting development and moving forward, and also told who can achieve financial success in the new year. Since for many the economic and financial situation is important, the psychic made a separate forecast concerning the material aspects of life:

Money, business and career. This year is very successful for optimists, who, despite their instability, will decide to achieve success in their careers and business no matter what. It can be said that financial successes are waiting for the workhorses, which, together with their hard work, will also show optimism and creative approach to work.

The greatest opportunities for development will be given to people who will continue to go towards their goals in spite of everything.

Most of the year will be favored by those who do not build long-term plans, and wish to break their bankruptcy quickly, so to speak one-time. Arina Evdokimova predicts the success of those who are engaged in intermediary activities and those who want to get rich in an instant. That’s just for this you have to take a lot of risk and constantly adapt to the circumstances.

According to the forecast for Russia, the year is the period when you have to be content with what you sent us. This is the time of a financial run for a short distance, so long-term plans can be forgotten. Make small deals, work on yourself and try to be aware of everything that is happening around you.

Any information may be useful to you in the new year. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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