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Folk signs about clothes for every day

Folk signs about clothes for every day

There are a lot of signs about clothes and superstitions, in which many of us believe, which means they come true. In the old days, as to this day, clothing was of great importance. And now — they meet, as a rule, according to their clothes.

How to attract good luck with your clothes and avoid trouble?

  • Put clothes inside out — to trouble. And, in most cases, this omen works! After all, when you put on a shirt, a sock or something else inside out, it speaks of your absent-mindedness and inattention, which can lead to confusion, mistakes, troubles.
  • Wash, rinse or dry clothes without turning it inside out — to the disease. Previously, without everting, only the clothes of the dead were washed.
  • You can not sew clothes on yourself. Of course, your memory will not be erased completely, if you sew a button on yourself or patch a hole. However, it was noted that if you sew up on yourself, then at the right and crucial moment you can forget something very important.
  • If the arrows got on pantyhose — this is a sign of a gift or good news.

    You can not walk in the same shoe or slippers. This ancient Jewish omen foreshadows the death of someone from relatives.

To believe or not to believe in these signs about clothes is everyone’s business. But one thing is clear for sure — many superstitions really have power. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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