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Folk holidays in August

Folk holidays in August of the year

Most of the national holidays celebrated in August are dedicated to harvesting. However, among them there are Orthodox celebrations, when they honor holy saints and pray to them for health and well-being.

The last summer month is not so hot, and the days are waning. However, in August the harvest ripens, and many do not have to sit idle. This is a time of collecting honey, which is not only a favorite delicacy, but also an excellent remedy for the treatment of many diseases. In addition to national holidays, there are many will take on every day of August, knowing that you can predict the weather.

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August 1: Makrinin day

August 1, revered memory of St. Macrina. On this day, watch the weather: long rain promises a wet autumn and a large number of nuts. In addition, the rain on Makrina speaks of a rich harvest of bread for the next planting season. Dry weather promised a lot of trouble, so before it was decided to «cause» rain.

The female half of the population conducted a special ceremony: a girl born on this day was brought in a bunch of ears, which the birthday girl referred to the river and asked her to rain, promising prosperity and a comfortable life.

August 2: Ilyin Day

On August 2, they participated in the procession and offered prayers to the saint so that he would send good weather. In the old days, with Ilyina, the days began to prepare for autumn, feeling the approaching frosts. On a holiday, be sure to draw water from natural sources in order to wash it and wash those who are sick.

Such water was considered healing and helped to cope with even the most serious illnesses. Often sprinkled with water sheds with pets, protecting them from death and the evil eye. On the day of the holiday, they made pastries and treated each other, so that the next year would be bread.

Be sure to give crumbs from baked bread to the cattle, so that it produces good offspring.

August 3: Onuphrius the Silent

On the memorial day, the monk was supposed to perform any work in complete silence. Our ancestors believed that a careless word could turn against them, so they preferred not to open their mouths once again. Be sure to repair the barns to the harvest did not disappear, as well as running them into cats or dogs, so that they eliminate the mice.

They also monitored the weather: if on August 3 a lot of dew fell out, then the flax crop could disappear.

August 4: Maria Yagodnitsa

On the day of the holiday, it is customary to go to the forest for berries in order to replenish stocks for the winter. On August 4, they tried not to work in the fields: they believed that those who disobeyed the ban could suffer from a lightning strike. Morning dew taken to wash in order to find beauty and youth.

The girls performed love rituals at the Berry Box and conspired with the berries they liked.

August 5: Trofim Insomnia

The holiday is so named because of the working life, during which there was no time for sleeping. Kalina and raspberry were collected on the Insomniac — later they were used to treat a variety of diseases. On this day, other medicinal herbs were also harvested, which helped to cope with the cold in the fall and winter.

August 6: Boris and Gleb

The church remembers the first saints who died a martyr’s death, and people try not to go into the fields, so as not to cause a fire. On this day, bird cherry collected and watched the behavior of domestic cattle. Anxiety animals reported soon changing weather.

Birds falling into flocks pointed to early frosts.

August 7: Anna Summer

On the day of the holiday, the weather is being watched: a cold morning promises a cold morning. From morning to afternoon, the rain will be damp until December. Looked at the behavior of ants: if they begin to finish building an anthill, then we can expect strong frosts.

On the day of the holiday, they would certainly prepare dishes from ripe potatoes, treat them to their neighbors in order to attract benefit to the house.

August 8: Yermolayev Day

On the day of the holiday, the first apples were collected that were not eaten, waiting for the apple Savior. In the people it was believed that in the morning herbs have healing properties, so they went to the fields to make preparations for the winter. The girls collected twelve different wildflowers and conducted a ceremony to attract love.

August 9: Panteleimon the Healer

Orthodox believers on this day pray to St. Panteleimon for deliverance from many ailments. The people on that day gathered ears of corn and carried them to the church for consecration, they prepared a feast for the needy in order to avoid impoverishment themselves.

August 10: Prokhori-Parmena

On the day of the holiday, they tried not to sell and did not make purchases because of the possibility of being deceived and making losses. By acceptance, the goods purchased on that day will surely break, and the profit from the sale will be imaginary. At Prokhor, they started digging out tulip bulbs, collecting pears and digging first potatoes.

Morning rain promised good luck in business and foreshadowed good weather a few days in advance.

August 11: Kalinnik

Kalinnikov in Russia called pies stuffed with viburnum, as well as the first frost. Treats were made from freshly picked berries in order to gain health. The peasants prayed to the Higher Forces to protect the landings from frost, and prepared for the harvest of flax.

In the fields flax could turn green a second time, which meant a rainy autumn.

August 12: Siluan and Strength

On a festive day, we tried to harvest the grain, and also started new plantings in the winter. It was believed that new crops will give a good harvest next year, if they are planted on a festive day. Light rain in the evening promised prolonged rains for a week.

August 13: Evdokimov day

In Orthodoxy, this day they remember the patron of the family and the healer Evdokim. Believers in the morning go to the service to offer prayers and ask for patronage from the Higher Powers. Before the field work, it was decided to start harrowing so that the teeth did not break on it.

August 14: Honey Spas

On this day, the Assumption Fast begins, during which Orthodox believers prepare for the great feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. At first, the Savior in the church bear honey to be consecrated clergy. 14 numbers bathe in the consecrated reservoirs to get rid of diseases. In the old days, the work did not stop, and on the day of the first Savior, the peasants continued to work in the fields, harvesting and sowing wheat before winter.

Young people went to the forest to collect late raspberries and make preparations for the winter.

August 15: Stepan Senoval

On this day, a ceremony was held to help the horses gain strength. To do this, the horses were taken to natural sources, they threw a silver coin into the water. After the horses stopped drinking, the coin was hidden in a stable. Stepanov day showed the weather in September.

The rains promised a wet autumn month, and the dry weather extended the summer by another 30 days.

August 16: Anton Vikhrov

On a festive day, they didn’t sweep or clean the house. According to legends, cleaning can badly affect the wallets of the owners, and they will be a whole year as clean as in a tidy hut. The weather on this day was the same as in October.

There will be a snowy winter if there is a dusty wind blowing from the fields on the Whirlwind.

August 17: Avdotya Malinovka

On this day, we tried to remove all the hay from the fields so that it would not spoil from the rains. Collected the last cucumbers and made preparations from them. The hostesses took the biggest vegetables to get the seeds for them next year.

August 18: Evgeny Zhitnik

The peasants went out into the fields, poured oil on the harvested stubble and spoke to them from evil spirits. Such a rite helped to continue to work in the fields, without fear of misfortune and accidents. The weather on this day determined the weather in December.

August 19: Apple Spas

On this day, they began to eat apples, before having consecrated them in the church. It is believed that fruits relieve diseases and bring well-being to the house. The hostesses left the consecrated fruits for the night on the table and looked at them if there was any evil force in the house.

If the apples were blackened or covered with dark spots overnight, they conducted a ritual to clean the dwelling. Cranes gathering in flocks promised early autumn.

August 20: Marina-Pimena

Storks on this day are going to fly away — expect a harsh winter and early frosts in the fall. In Orthodoxy, the day of remembrance of two martyrs Marina and Pimen, who are prayed to strengthen the faith, is being asked for protection and protection from any evils.

August 21: Miron Vetrogon

A strong wind that day indicates a rainy autumn. On this day, the first frost may fall, which promises a good harvest for the coming year. Eneem taken to wash in order to have enough strength to do the work in the fields for the next season.

August 22: Matthew the Serpent

The holiday is named after the belief that the snakes on this day could cling to the cow and suck her milk. In this regard, the cattle were not driven to pastures, and the mistresses were engaged in milking alone, so that no one would jinx the cows and they would not cease to give milk.

August 23: Lavrentiev Day

They worship a healer who helps to cope with many ailments. Our ancestors followed the water, going to the forest lakes or to the river: if the water is quiet, without waves, then the autumn will be calm, and the winter will pass without severe frosts and snowstorms.

August 24: Evpaty Kolovrat

This day in Russia was considered dangerous. According to legends, a snow-white horse appears in the swamps, looking for its slain master in a battle. The horse rushes to the churchyard to mourn the dead. It is forbidden to consume strong drinks, so that the souls of relatives do not punish negligent people.

On this day, they began to cut wool from sheep and used it for knitting winter clothes.

August 25: Fotya Powet

The holiday received this name due to the fact that on this day it was decided to get out of the «povet» — storage places for horse harness and equipment. In that case, if the cleaning is not carried out, the owners were waiting for trouble. They began to sow winter crops and watched the weather: a quiet day foreshadowed good weather for autumn and an abundance of mushrooms with nuts.

August 26: Passion of Tikhon

Believers pray Tikhon for deliverance from despondency and strengthening in the faith. In Russia on the day of the holiday were cleaned in the basements and cellars to transfer there new blanks. The weather was determined, what will be the autumn period.

Rain before dinner said that it would be damp in the fall.

August 27: Micah Tikhovey

If on this day cranes fly off to the southern edges, then by October we can expect frosts. The quiet day is named because we followed the winds: if it is quiet, then bad weather will not happen for several more weeks.

August 28: The Assumption

In Orthodoxy, they celebrate the Day of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos, and the people ended up harvesting sheaves in the fields. After the completion of the suffering, the women lay down on the stubble in order to regain the strength lost during the hard work.

August 29: Nut Spas

On the day of the holiday, we sowed with the help of God and tried to talk less while working so as not to cause trouble. On the 29th day, believers pray to gain happiness and well-being.

August 30: Miron’s Day

On the holiday, it was customary to help women who were left without husbands, and be sure to bring food to their homes. The quiet winds on the 30th promised good weather for the next month.

August 31: Horse Holiday

In Russia, revered horses that were indispensable for working in the fields. On August 31, the horses in every possible way were courting and not harnessed for work. Animals were treated to delicacies, and also watered with fresh beer, so that they gained strength.

National holidays are part of our lives and carry the wisdom of our ancestors. A lot of signs and beliefs still help to avoid all sorts of misfortunes. You can find out what signs promise a quick happiness in this article. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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