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Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary — traditions and ceremonies

The Nativity of Our Lady Mary is celebrated on September 21. On this day, it is necessary to observe several traditions of the holiday for well-being, health and family happiness.

The feast of the Nativity of the Virgin is considered the original, «the beginning of all holidays.» For the Christian church, the birth of the Immaculate Mother marks the beginning of grace and the clan of the Messiah. Every year the holiday is celebrated by the Orthodox with great joy.

On this day, prayers to the Virgin Mary, delivered in a special way, will have great power, and some Orthodox rites can radically change life for the better.

The traditions of the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin

A church celebration is a service in the church and the canons of the Mother of God. But the people in addition to the church holiday, there are many traditions and will:

  1. It is believed that children born on September 21 will be happy in life, since the Virgin Mary herself will shelter them from all misfortunes and misfortunes.
  2. The quarrels on this day are extremely displeasing to the Lord, because they upset the Virgin Mary.
  3. If this day is raining heavily, then the Mother of God grieves for people and their sins.
  4. Drinking wine on the Nativity of the Virgin is a grave sin: the one who has drunk will be sick and suffer all year.
  5. September 21 adopted with special respect for any woman, remembering the original divine spark in each of us.

On this day, it is customary to gather at the table the whole family: the main dish of the holiday — cereal dishes and vegetables. You can bake pies with various fillings and leave one for the night on the windowsill — it is believed that this brings prosperity and happiness to the house.

Rites September 21

This day is considered the best for ceremonies to conceive a child. A woman who wants to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child can get what she wants by conducting a ceremony with an older woman of the clan or healer. It is believed that a child conceived on Christmas Day of the Virgin will be clean, healthy and bright, and his life will be easy and joyful.

For the ceremony will need:

  1. self-flooded bath or cleaned bath
  2. wormwood broom
  3. small wash
  4. decoction of seven field herbs (cook in advance)
  5. braided lace or red ribbon
  6. red wax candle
  7. nightgown

At sunrise, you need to get up and go to the bath or bathroom, close the door, hang a mirror and light a candle. The energy of fire clears space, burning out negative energy. While the candle is burning, dilute the decoction of 7 herbs with hot water to a comfortable temperature for you, pour the decoction into the basin and place it on the floor.

Get undressed, rinse with water and wear a nightgown. Hair should be loose, and any jewelry should be removed.

While the candle is burning out, focus on your desire to become pregnant. Visualize what you want as long as you can. After that, stand with one foot in the basin with the decoction, and the second on the wormwood broom, and take the ribbon or cord in your hands.

Say the words: “I will cross, I will go out blessing from my own home, and I will go to the fields wide, far away, to the cross path, to a high hill. On the hill that grow herbs fragrant, healing herbs. I will bow to herbs and the river to them: healing herbs, grasses born by the Earth Mother, caressed by the Sun of red, absorbed light and healing power! I am empty like an earthenware jug, a whole jug, and inside it is dark.

Fill me, herbs, give birth to you by force, as Mother Earth gave birth to you and raised you. As you from Mother Earth grow and flourish, so will my child be born, grow stronger and blossom under the Red Sun. My word is strong, my work is sculpted! As said, so be it! ”

After that, tie a knot in the middle of the ribbon or lace with these words: “I knit a knot, I bring a child’s soul! The nodule is not unleashed, the whole lie, and the child grow in me, strengthen and not escape. True! ”

This ceremony is considered the strongest of the existing, helping not only to get pregnant, but also to avoid abortion. It must be remembered that for a successful outcome both parents should want and wait for the child.

The rites and rituals on Christmas Day of the Virgin Mary have a special power. For believers, the strong prayers of the Mother of God can have the same power. We wish you happiness, good luck, and do not forget to press buttons and

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