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Feast of the Holy Trinity May 27

Feast of the Holy Trinity May 27 of the year

The Holy Trinity is the feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit. Wonderful events that marked the beginning of an entire era are associated with this celebration.

Trinity will be celebrated on May 27th. This is a rolling holiday, because its date depends on Easter, which is celebrated at different times every year. It is no coincidence that the Trinity is called Pentecost, because it falls on the fiftieth day after Easter.

It is always Sunday, so people have the opportunity to stay at home, close to loved ones.

history of the holiday

The Trinity is one of the oldest holidays in Christianity, so it’s not for nothing that it is the Twelve, that is, one of the most important. It was established by the apostles in honor of the descent of the Holy Spirit. It became official approximately in the 3-4 century.

To understand the essence of the Trinity, it is necessary to recall the events of Holy Week. Jesus Christ was crucified, and then ascended into heaven. He was in hell, granted forgiveness to all Old Testament sinners.

Then, for 40 days, he visited the students in human form, communicated with them, and gave instructions. When his sermons and teachings were over, he left this world. After some time, namely after 10 days, the apostles were in Jerusalem, in the famous Zion upper room. It was then that the Holy Spirit descended upon them, giving new knowledge.

To be precise, He gave the apostles the opportunity to speak in different languages ​​so that they would carry the word of God to many nations.

It was a momentous moment for the disciples of Christ, but some of them did not even realize how important their continued existence would be. After the descent of the Holy Spirit, the fate of the Christian faith began to depend on people, on what sacrifices they were willing to go to spread the word of God.


Do not forget that the Saturday before the Trinity — one of the brightest commemoration days, so on the eve of the holiday you can visit the cemetery. On May 27, the church advises to attend a festive liturgy in the temple. It is not worth doing the heavy household chores on this day: it is believed that cleaning the Trinity is a sin.

Also, the clergy recommend not to work in the garden or garden. For this there is the Old Slavic holiday Semik, which was already celebrated on May 24th.

The priests pray for the forgiveness of sins and the mercy of the Lord. If you fail to visit the temple of God, you can read the prayers at home. Do not forget to pray for all your departed relatives to go to heaven and find peace, as well as forgiveness of your own sins.

The church welcomes family meetings, so do not miss the opportunity to gather all the relatives at the big table. This is a bright holiday that inspires. This is a day of enlightenment, so pray for a successful exam, if you have to do it in the summer.

This twelve great holiday is a reason to get together with the whole family, to enjoy the pleasure of communication, to get close. May 27 is a truly great day of the church calendar. Tune in the right way to spend the day right. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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