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Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary — the Birth of the Virgin Mary on September 21

Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary — the Birth of the Virgin Mary on September 21

The birth of the Virgin Mary is a holiday full of bright energy. He harbors many mysterious and important signs that are not always visible to believing Christians.

On September 21, a Christian holiday is celebrated, which is of great importance — the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God. This day is annually celebrated in the church by special worship services and chants, since the event is directly related to the salvation of mankind from sin and Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is very important on this day to read the prayers on the day of the Nativity of the Virgin at least at home.

Birth of the Virgin Mary: the plot of the apocrypha

The Gospel included very little information about the Virgin Mary, and literally nothing is said about her childhood. But there are apocryphal descriptions of these events, which became the basis of the holiday. It talks about two righteous people: Joachim and St. Anne. The couple was already elderly and, unfortunately, did not have children.

Joachim was once refused to accept his sacrifice to God precisely because there were no children in the family.

Saint Anna prayed a lot, wanting to be a mother. Then an angel appeared to her, who announced that she would be able to conceive and all her offspring would be famous. There is also a story about how after this happy Anna met her husband at the Golden Gates of Jerusalem and told him what had happened, hugging him. After these events, Anna really got pregnant.

Exactly nine months after these events, the Virgin Mary was born.

The value of the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary

For believing Christians, besides the fact that the future Mother of God was born, its origin is also important. It combines the two most important ancestral lines: for the father, the royal one, since its kind originates from the tribe of King David, and for the mother it continued the line of the high priests of Israel. For this reason, Jesus Christ is understood as the Heavenly King and Heavenly High Priest.

It is also believed that since the birth of the Virgin Mary was delivered from original sin. In this you can see the connection with the fact that her son, Jesus Christ, became our Savior, having saved all people from sin.

Folk customs and traditions September 21

The people of the birth of the Virgin Mary has long been celebrated in a special way. It was very common to extinguish old fire in a furnace and kindle a new one. From this day they organized traditional gatherings with fire.

It has always been believed that fire has a special power that can save your home from the accumulated energy of dirt. Try to get rid of negative energy on this day with the help of candles: today these rites will be especially effective.

Of course, women were honored with special honor, and many ceremonies were for them. With the ritual songs they met autumn, and this was done, of course, also in order to summon the higher forces to help before the winter: now a great deal depended on the stocks that the peasants had.

The day of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is also directly connected with family ties. Old traditions bequeathed on this day to come to visit the newlyweds, with whom parents shared their experiences of living together. It was also decided to collect feasts.

It is always helpful to maintain such a pleasant tradition, not even in honor of a holiday, but in order to keep family ties strong and contact between parents and children always established. Therefore, try to visit the parents on this day, and even better — invite at least close relatives.

To strengthen family ties and in order for your family and friends to be healthy, try to go to church and light a candle. Refer to the icon of the Mother of God with prayers for the family and soon you will feel their power. All the best and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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