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Favorable days of the week according to the lunar calendar from October 30 to November 5

Favorable days of the week according to the lunar calendar from October 30 to November 5

The lunar calendar is a great helper for anyone who is used to looking to the future, plan things and act as carefully as possible. Astrologers will help you find your strengths this week.

Many people this week will be able to get rid of loneliness and find love. It’s not just simple luck, but also the creative energy of the moon, combined with the auspicious energy of the stars.

Monday, October 30 — day of rest

The growing moon on the 11th lunar day will be in Pisces, which will have a bad effect on physical and psychological health. You will get tired faster and gain strength — more slowly.

If you do not have any important things at work or in business, if you do not have an urgent need to spend money or meet new people, then this day will be very positive for you. New beginnings on Monday will not be productive because of the small amount of energy. Do not start anything new, because new affairs will not receive support.

Tuesday, October 31 — day of calm

All that was on Monday, in principle, will be peculiar to Tuesday, because the Moon will remain under the auspices of Pisces. This day is even more dangerous than the previous one, but loopholes can be found here.

Astrologers advise on Tuesday to worry as little as possible on trifles and not to enter into conflicts. Solve all your troubles as calmly as possible, then troubles will bypass you in any of the spheres of life.

Wednesday, November 1 — the day of physical activity

The first day, which will take place under the influence of Aries, will be very nervous, but your body will be strong and resilient. 13 lunar day means that the moon will continue to grow. Do not sleep too long on Wednesday if you have a day off for this day.

You are more on the move, play sports and do not abuse alcohol in any way. Proper nutrition and the absence of bad habits is the key to success on such days. You just need to take care of your body so that the soul can sing and enjoy life.

This will be the best energy protection of all.

Thursday, November 2 — time to solve old problems

Each of us has such things that we constantly postpone for later. Just this Thursday is better not to do it. But there is no need to take on many tasks at once, otherwise there is a risk not to cope with any of them.

Be calm, but tuned to work.

Disable emotions, do not give yourself and others empty promises and calmly take on important things. Work until very late, because on such days fatigue is not a hindrance. Aries on the second day of its influence is not completely chaotic, so almost everyone will have a chance of success.

Friday, November 3 — the worst day of the week

The dissonance of the constellation Aries with the growing Moon will be maximized. This day will be like a roller coaster. Everything will be good, then bad, then incomprehensible.

To give an explanation of the behavior of loved ones will not.

Do not be jealous and do not envy someone else’s success on such days. Your negative thoughts are very quickly transformed into a bad combination of circumstances. You will blame fate, although the source of negativity will be corresponding thoughts, bad mood and lack of self-confidence.

Saturday, November 4th is a stable day

Taurus will replace Aries, so good luck will be with you, but not at all moments. Full Moon falls on this day. Dangers can trap you literally in everything, so try not to chase success in all the pits and potholes.

Regularity and patience — your chance to save everything that you have achieved earlier in your life. Despite the climax of the entire lunar month, this day will be surprisingly stable, because the very dangers will be just fiction, emotional pressure on you.

Sunday November 5th is the most auspicious day

Taurus and the waning moon are an incredibly positive combination. The first day after the Full Moon is very good for new beginnings and introspection. Given that this will be Sunday, we can conclude about its maximum benefit for the analysis of their mistakes and shortcomings.

Think above all about yourself and your blunders, and not about others.

For love this day will be very favorable. It is perfect for joint planning, for romance and dates, for flirting and sexual activity. Your second half can be found in two accounts, if you, of course, pay special attention to this.

The same will be typical for the financial sector. At work and in business, your flair will be a serious decision making argument. Trust him, but do not forget common sense.

Signs of fate, positive thoughts and the help of loved ones — this is what you may need on dangerous days. On Sunday, arrange your day of shopping or love — your choice. Have a good week, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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