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Favorable days of the week according to the lunar calendar from December 18 to 24

Favorable days of the week according to the lunar calendar from December 18 to 24

Next week, the year will reach the finish line. But until December 24, it is worthwhile to devote more time to familiar matters. Astrologers advise to hold the Christmas mood for now.

Earthen Dog is close. Next week, there will be almost no time to deal with the affairs of the outgoing year, so try to do everything you had planned before the 24th. Fortunately, in the lunar calendar this week is marked by a large number of favorable days.

The advice of astrologers will help you plan your actions correctly so that you can do as much as possible on good days. This week will be 3 dangerous and 4 favorable days. This is good news when you consider that these days will be truly powerful in terms of energy.

Monday, December 18th — New Moon Day

This day will be devoid of harmony, because Sagittarius does not fit well with the new Moon. To make this combination useful for you, deprive yourself of your ambitions for this day. You can save them, but do not try to implement them. Try to feel every minute of the calm life.

Sagittarius does not interfere with the moon to provide you with support in relaxation, spiritual quest, introspection. These are the best things to do on Monday, because trying to win in financial affairs will be like playing roulette.

Of course, you can go in search of adventure, but today this can lead to unforeseen problems. In the New Moon it is better to make plans for the future, and not to strive to catch luck. There is a chance to face unexpected problems. Roughly speaking, this is the period of a certain winter hibernation for people.

Even animals on such days are more lethargic. Do not try to be first in everything — this is not the most important thing on such days. Think better about how you will prepare for the New Year.

Tuesday, December 19 — Labor Day

Absolutely no matter what your job is. Try to throw all your strength to achieve the best results in your business. The fact is that on Tuesday Sagittarius will be replaced by Capricorn. On the growing moon this zodiac sign is incredibly provocative and harmonious.

You can devote this day to any work convenient for you. If you play sports, then physical exertion will also benefit.

There are almost no bans on such days. The only prohibition is laziness. With apathy you have to fight alone by any means. Most likely, no one will provide you with adequate support, because everyone has their own affairs and concerns.

Just because help is not provided on such days. The same will apply to you yourself — no need to spend precious minutes on anyone.

Love will have to fade into the background on this day. There are more lucky those who are already in a relationship or in marriage. If you are still searching, you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Today, people are very prudent, so any new acquaintances may be disappointing.

Wednesday December 20th is a day of rest.

This day can be devoted to romance, to date, because Capricorn and the growing Moon will be in dissonance. Capricorn will lose strength, and the growing Moon will continue to bend its line. Because of this, the day may seem strange, hectic and full of disappointments.

Don’t expect too much from people. This environment should be held under the slogan «whatever is happening — all for the better.» Indeed, any events will need to be assessed not in terms of “good-bad”, but “happened or not.”

The struggle will not bring to the good, the more zealous.

Take a short break on Wednesday — it will not hurt you. Take care of household chores, bring an apartment or house in order. In this case, even on the Internet it is not worth buying anything.

Just stay a little bit in a cocoon that keeps you from everything but love. On such days, people show far from their best sides, so new acquaintances either will immediately bear fruit, or immediately fail the reliability test.

Thursday, December 21 — Day of Violation

On this day, Aquarius and the growing Moon will do everything so that you can resolve the emotional disputes within yourself. Any serious decisions are best to take on Thursday. The fact is that people do not break the promises made to themselves on the growing Moon in Aquarius. This is not a taboo, not a basic rule, but on Thursday it will work more than ever, because Aquarius will be incredibly powerful and creative.

The rising moon will also have a positive effect. This will create not the best, but one of the best energy resonances.

Internal harmony does not mean that one should strive for harmony with other people. December 21 need to break the rules if you want to achieve success. The news of you will go everywhere, if you manage to do something that no one else could. This is a great time to look for work, for job interviews.

You can try to find a new hobby, experiment with old hobbies.

Friday, December 22 — the day of creative stagnation

Extraordinary decisions and thoughts will not come to you, because Aquarius will cease to be active for a while. The moon will continue to show strength, so it’s best not to lose grip. Get ready for mood swings. Intuition will not work properly, so give up the hasty decision making.

You should trust your own experience and the experience of people authoritative for you.

This day will be the most difficult for people of creative professions and those who are used to acting unusually, not according to the rules. This day is only suitable for the rules and for the objective perception of everything around. You need more time to pay responsibilities this Friday.

This is a great time to work boring, hard and painstaking.

Saturday, December 23 — the most positive day of the week

When Aquarius on Saturday returns some of their strength, they will be enough to do everything possible with your moon for your success. Try to direct your strength to what you want, not what you want. This Saturday should pass on a positive wave.

You can change the situation, go on a trip on a long trip. Astrologers are advised to visit a hairdresser or beauty salon, if you have long planned to change the image. Shopping can also be safely done throughout the day. This is the perfect time to buy gifts for the New Year.

The only thing to avoid is inaction. Rest is not the time, because Aquarius on Saturday will be in complete harmony with the growing moon. These days are great for love adventures, for flirting, new acquaintances.

People are not averse to having fun from the heart, so do not be afraid to look for love, because falling in love is easier than just December 23.

Sunday December 24th is the quietest day of the week.

Fish will come to replace Aquarius. This will mean that the creative energy will remain active, but will fade into the background. On Sunday, you can devote most of your time to rest, but do not dwell on it.

Change priorities throughout the day if you wish. The most important thing is to take stock of the outgoing week on Sunday, to understand what you have achieved and what remains to be achieved. The solution to the turmoil and unfinished business may be delayed for another week, but this is not such a big problem.

Try to withstand the pressure of events if you have not completed your main tasks. Do not show anyone the dark features of your character. Try to reach a new level by simultaneously planning your business for the next week.

It will be a good day for walking, for communicating with people and for spiritual searches. You may have to give up something in favor of new beginnings. Do not be afraid to reconsider their attitude to familiar things.

This week will be very good for those who know how to work and rest properly. Do not rush into battle when the stars and the moon are advised to slow down. In these seven days you need to clearly understand what needs to be done.

Inspiration will not always help you get out of difficult situations. The motivation to find will help the proper prioritization. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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