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Favorable days for haircuts in May

Favorable days for haircuts in May

Having made a haircut at a favorable time, you can not only become more attractive, but also attract good luck and positive changes. The lunar calendar will help determine the date: it will tell you on which days the influence of the moon will be the most positive.

From ancient times it has reached us a large number will take about a haircut. It is no coincidence: the hair has long been considered the most important energy center on the human body, a kind of «indicator» of the strength of the biofield. It used to be believed that a person with healthy and thick hair is less exposed to negative effects.

This is no less relevant in our time: experts in bioenergy insist that the hair and the energy state of a person are really interrelated.

In order to preserve the health and beauty of hair, and consequently, the strength of its energy and resistance to negative factors, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of time for a haircut. Knowing what phase of the moon is most favorable for changing hairstyles, you can not only update your image, but also change your life for the better.

1st of May. The first May day will be influenced by the growing Moon in the constellation of Cancer, which favors any classic haircut. Even if you did not plan to change your appearance, you can slightly cut the split ends: this will positively affect the health of the hair, making them thicker, dense and shiny.

But strongly shorten hair during this period is not recommended: they can significantly slow down their growth. The same applies to experimental haircuts: making an unusual hairstyle for yourself, you risk being disappointed in the result.

May 5-6. The period of the growing Moon in the Sign of the Virgin is favorable for any procedures for hair care, including medical. Masks applied at home or in the salon will have a beneficial effect on the hair, making it thicker and healthier, and a haircut will hold the shape for a long time.

However, it should be remembered that during this period, aggressive chemical compounds can greatly damage the hair, so staining is better to postpone for another time.

May 7-8. Under the influence of the Moon in Libra, you can do any planned haircuts: trimming hair stimulates their growth and adds volume to the hairstyle. It is not recommended to radically change your image and hair length: there is a chance that it will be problematic to return to the usual length afterwards.

May 9-10. Final phases before Full Moon. The moon is in the Sign of Scorpio, whose influence favors any moisturizing treatment.

Masks based on coconut oil, gelatin, egg yolks will be able to reanimate even extremely dry hair, and the lamination procedure will subsequently protect them from adverse effects. Thanks to the haircut in these two days, the hair will accelerate its growth.

May 14-16. Hair trimmed during the period of the waning moon in Capricorn will grow very slowly, but the hairstyle will retain its original shape for a long time. Aesthetic procedures will go well: the curling will last for a long time, and when painting you will be able to get exactly the color you are looking for.

May 17-18. The impact of the moon in Aquarius favors experiments: at this time you can make any creative haircuts. The main thing is that the hairstyle matches your inner sense of self, then it will increase your self-confidence and attract good luck to you.

May 22-23. Two days under the influence of the waning moon in Aries are favorable for any manipulation of hair. You can safely change your image, do classic or unusual haircuts.

Asymmetrical hairstyles under the influence of impulsive Aries are especially successful: they will emphasize your attractiveness and enhance energy.

May 24th The period under the influence of Taurus is successful for classic haircuts, getting rid of split ends, trimming and thinning hair, restoring the shape of a hairstyle. Slightly cutting off the hair on the day before the New Moon, you can get rid of the problems and clear your biofield.

May 30-31. The final days of May are favorable for renewal. You can safely embody their old ideas, entrusting the hair to an experienced master.

The energetics will be favorably affected by staining in the color that suits you according to the Sign of the Zodiac.

To build long-term plans for May, use the lunar calendar. With it, you can avoid possible troubles and successfully cope with any business. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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