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Farewell to Shrovetide February 26: the seventh and last day

Seeing Pancake Day February 26: the seventh and last day

Pancake week comes to an end. February 26, Sunday, is the time of last preparations for Great Lent, and people try to have time to eat their fill, have fun, and also ask each other for forgiveness for offenses.

In antiquity, on the last day of the Pancake Week, rituals were held to attract good luck and wealth. It was believed that the merry farewell of Shrovetide provided well-being for the whole subsequent year. They also sought to complete all household chores, because the next day the beginning of Lent falls, and therefore, on Monday, any activity related to household chores was banned.

Traditions of the day

Seeing Carnival start in the morning. On the last day, a festive procession takes place, accompanied by lively music, buffoon performances and abundant food. This is the last opportunity to eat abundantly before the onset of the Stern Fast. Treats include pancakes and animal products.

The exception is meat products. Alcohol is also undesirable.

The last day of the Pancake Week is also called Forgiveness Sunday. People ask for forgiveness of each other, freeing themselves from negative energy and preparing the soul for prayers and spiritual cleansing. On this day, they visit cemeteries, paying tribute to the memory of deceased relatives.

On February 26, our ancestors visited the bath, washing off not so much dirt as negative energy. Bath was considered a sacred place where the body and soul were healed. Before ablution, the banniki was traditionally placated.

He was asked to give a good steam, bowed in a corner of the bath and left a treat in the form of sweets and Shrovetide pancakes.

The last time were holiday skating from the icy mountains. Later in the evening we made hot bonfires to melt the snow. This rite was also a symbol of the ending winter and served as a call for spring.

The ashes were scattered over the fields, so that the land gave a bountiful harvest, capable of feeding families during the subsequent winter.

At dawn and dusk, people walked out of the outskirts and bowed to the Sun with the words: “Farewell Maslenitsa, goodbye, winter. Hello Sun warm, movable by the summer «. Pay attention to the weather conditions.

  • The thawed snow promised a quick onset of a warm and quick spring.
  • The abundance of snow and the absence of a thaw — to frost and a prolonged cool spring.
  • Bright sunshine on the seventh day of Shrovetide meant the onset of the last winter cold.
  • Songs of birds and their ringing chirping means the imminent arrival of serene warm days.
  • A dry frosty day promised a hot summer.
  • The ringing drops foreshadowed a sufficient amount of rain during the summer period and a rich harvest in the fields.

On the last day of Maslenitsa, Orthodox Christians prepare for fasting. Sunday evening they spend in prayers and finish household chores. An end comes to joyful merriment and abundant food, and it is time for spiritual purification.

Do not forget today, on Forgiveness Sunday, to ask forgiveness from loved ones and to forgive your offenders, because the secret resentment is a terrible sin that does not allow the soul to be cleansed. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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