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Faith, Hope, Love — September 30 holiday

Faith, Hope, Love — September 30 holiday

On September 30, Christians commemorate the martyrs Faith, Hope, Love, and their mother Sophia. This day is also the name of all women who bear these names. On this day a prayer in honor of these holy martyrs takes place in churches, people ask for help and intercession from the icon of Faith, Hope, Love and Sophia.

The history of this holiday dates back to the time of persecution of people professing Christianity in the Roman Empire. One of these was the widow Sophia, who alone raised her daughters — Faith, Hope and Love. She led a godly lifestyle and believed not in the Roman pantheon, but in Jesus Christ. The Roman emperor found out about this, ordered his mother to call with her children and began to beg him to renounce Christianity.

But neither the requests nor the expensive gifts bribed Sophia and her daughters. Sophia tried to prove to the emperor that her faith was based on piety, love and virtue. Then the emperor ordered to send his daughters to torture, and Sophia forced him to look at their torment.

But even looking at the terrible agony of her daughters, the mother remained adamant and did not renounce her faith.

Sophia buried her children and spent two days and two nights on their graves, praying for the forgiveness of their souls. Those who came later to the cemetery saw that Sophia died of grief, but remained a Christian. September 30 was the day of memory of the saints of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia.

On this day, since ancient times, it was decided to give all women flowers and delicacies and free them from work. Women had to cry loudly and pray for their family. It is believed that the women’s tears and pleas you this day will be heard.

On the day of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia, it is also pleasant to call those born on this day after one of these saints. It is believed that the girl born on this day, and bearing the name of one of the daughters of Sophia, receives the protection of a strong guardian angel.

Do not forget on this day to congratulate all your relatives and friends, bearing the names Faith, Hope, Love and Sophia with names! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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