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Ecumenical parental meat-holy Saturday February 18

Ecumenical parental meat Saturday Saturday February 18th

The Universal parental meat-holy Sabbath is one of the main days when Orthodox Christians commemorate their departed relatives. This day is extremely important for all believers.

The parental meat holy Saturday is celebrated shortly before the beginning of Lent. It falls on February 18th. Shrovetide week, despite the loose and happy pastime, requires the observance of certain rules, including preparation for abstinence and repentance. Even in antiquity they said that if you commemorate the death hour, you will not be a sinner.

Therefore, we sacredly honor the covenants of our ancestors and on Ecumenical Saturday we pay tribute to the memory of the dead.

The meaning of parenting Saturday

Universal, that is, universal, Saturday is the time of a single memorial service for all who left this world. Parent Saturday is named because the mother and father are close relatives, and in the first place it is customary to pray for the rest of their loved ones. On this day, the church allows to pray for people whose life was cut short by their own will, and for those who went missing and were not buried in the earth.

The church also commemorates all those who lived during the terrible judgment of Christ and those who defended him from the attacks of unbelievers.

Meat Shabbat is the most ancient holiday of commemoration of all the fallen Orthodox who were innocently killed and tortured for their true faith in Christ. February 18 is a day that reminds of the Great Court, the time of meeting with God. The clergymen give everyone a chance for the cleansing and salvation of the soul from the terrible sins, to be honest and clean before themselves and our Lord. The covenant of the Apostle James to pray for one another in the name of healing refers not so much to the body as to the soul.

After all, it is she who is the focus of all human benefactors and reflects their emotional and physical condition. It is we who can help our loved ones with prayers by gathering together and offering a single prayer to the Supreme Powers. On parental Saturday, it is also customary to give alms generously.

Prayer on Saturday

“Lord, Savior! You have redeemed all people with your blood, you have chosen us as a weapon for your death from bitter and envious revenge. Resurrection to your wonderful give us eternal life. God rest the souls of our relatives who left the mortal world and ascended into the kingdom of heaven.

We pray and for all who left their bodies, having found eternal peace. For the common people, for kings, clergymen, suicides and the military, the righteous and the lost. Save, O Lord, their light souls, and lift up to you into the kingdom of heaven.

We offer one prayer and for the souls of the living. Deliver them from their fears and spiritual vices, guide them to the righteous path and do not abandon their care until death. Amen»

The prayers of all worshipers merge in a single stream and are heard in Heaven. On this great day, the souls of all the dead will have a chance to ascend to the Lord God. The souls of sinners, voluntary and involuntary, are also purified.

We pray for the drowned, for the victims of the accident, and the dead, for the entire human race, because there are no differences between people — we are all united before our Father.

Traditions on parenting Saturday

On this day, traditionally cooked kutyu — a special dish to commemorate the dead. Kutya is a symbol of a living person who left the world. Grain for bread is placed in the ground, it decays, giving fruit that we reap for cooking. Similarly, a person must be buried in the earth so that the body will decay, and the immortal soul ascended into the kingdom of heaven.

Kutya also serves as a symbol of the burial of all those who, for various reasons, have not been interred, and whose spirit is tossing about without being able to leave this world.

A treat is made from grains, mainly from wheat, which is soaked for several hours. Pearl barley and rice are also used. Porridge should turn out not digested, crumbly, so that the grains were separate and not crushed. Dressed porridge with dried fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, marmalade — whoever prefers.

The dish is watered with honey or sugar syrup. Kuti must be sanctified in the church at a memorial service for all the departed.

The Universal parental meat-holy Sabbath serves not only as a day of remembrance for all the departed, but also as a day of atonement for sins and sincere repentance. Remember that you need to be honest first of all before yourself and your conscience. Live in peace and harmony with each other. We wish you all the best, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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