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Eastern calendar: how to find out your element by date of birth

Eastern calendar: how to find out your element by date of birth

Many people have heard that someone was born in the year of the Snake, Rooster, Monkey, or, for example, in the year of the Bull. In the eastern calendar, the element is of particular importance, since it also determines character.

Eastern philosophy, as we know it now, lined up for many thousands of years. China and many other East Asian countries believe that every person has a patron animal and a patron element. There are only 12 animals, and there are five elements.

This suggests that most people have different patrons, which explains the diversity of characters and types of temperament.

How to know your element and animal

To find out which animal is your patron, just look at the diagram below. In accordance with it, you can easily identify your Mark by the Eastern calendar.

Of particular importance for the analysis of the nature of man is the element. There are five of them: fire, metal, water, wood, earth. Each element reigns on Earth for two years.

«Fiery» Years of birth: 1906-1907, 1926-1927, 1936-1937, 1946-1947 and so on, that is, every sixth and seventh year in a decade is Fiery.

«Wooden» Year of birth: 1904-1905, 1914-1915, 1924-1925 and so on. Every fourth and fifth year is Wooden, that is, if you were born, for example, in 1984 or 85, then you, respectively, are either Blue Wooden Rat or Blue Wooden Bull. The color of each element is always the same and constant.

«Water» rules the world in every second and third year in a decade: 1902-1903, 1912-1913, 1922-1923,. 2002-2003, -2013.

«Metal» — this is the element of every zero and first year: 1900-1901, 1910-1911,. 1990-1991, 2000-2001, -2011.

«Earth» the eighth and ninth years depart: 1908-1909, 1918-1919, 1928-1929,. 1988-1989, 1998-1999, 2008-2009 and so on.

The elements in the eastern horoscope is important, since it is precisely it that determines our character and in many respects even our fate. The animal is rather a talisman, although it is of great importance. For each element there is a certain set of the most «suitable» characteristics, which it is important to know about in order to analyze people correctly or plan effectively themselves. It is on this that the eastern calendar as a whole relies, for its purpose is to describe a person’s capabilities, and not limitations.

Eastern nations have a special zeal for introspection, so the study of the elements is especially scrupulous. Many people in these countries build their lives on the basis of the Eastern calendar and its postulates.

Elemental Characteristics

Each element is unique. Do not underestimate the characteristics and capabilities of your element, as any of them has strengths that will help reveal your talents and defeat weaknesses.

the fire. The name itself speaks for itself. These people are like an open flame — they burn, hurt, or, conversely, gently and gently warm their heat. Inside these people live a storm of emotions that can break out at any time.

They are incredibly quick-tempered — they are typical choleric type of temperament. “Fiery” people can achieve excellent results in any of the spheres of life, but they need self-confidence more than anyone. Without it, it will be difficult for them to love and look for a soul mate. In love, they understand better than anyone. They are caring, but can cause pain and suffering through their actions.

It is better to forgive them at once, because they will never do something to spite you. For timely understanding, they will love you even more. That is why Fire is always well combined with the Earth. Wisdom is always needed unbridled emotions and the desire to go forward.

These people are beautiful, intelligent, decisive. This gives them power over the opposite sex and success in business, love, work.

Best Animals for Fire: Rat, Dragon and Monkey, as it is «open» Signs. Still, the volitional Signs go well with Fire: Dog, Horse and Tiger. The color of Fire is red.

Oriental wise men advise to use this color for protection, which is almost absent in Fire itself. Excessive aggressiveness is your worst enemy if you were born under the auspices of Fire. Learn self-control and self-control that will help you save luck and efficiently spend energy and time.

Land. «Earthen» people are wise beyond their years. They are very careful, prudent and logical.

For this they are often called bores, but the last ones to laugh are, as a rule, those born under the auspices of the Earth. Many people have a situation when they tell you that your actions can lead to problems. If in the end this is the case, then, most likely, this “prediction” came from the mouth of the human Earth. They will not just give you advice to show their superiority or impress.

They don’t need it. If they are worried about you, then they love and appreciate. These people are disciplined, but prone to hyperbolization.

They constantly inflate big problems from trifles. They find it difficult to assess the situation sensibly due to the influx of uncertainty and doubt. They often lack light, enthusiasm, and adventurism.

Because of this, they are often considered boring.

Uncertainty can lead the people of Earth into fear. Depression is their frequent companion, so they are so sullen, gray and sad. The last thing to do is blame them.

So you only make it worse. It will be even worse if such a person goes into himself and becomes cruel to everyone without exception. They control their anger to the last, before exploding. The best animal patrons for this element are the Serpent, the Bull and the Rooster.

They could not be better combined with the Earth.

Metal. The strongest, impenetrable people are the people of Metal. Their character is hard not to know.

They always strive for independence, for power, for wealth. Their energy is almost impossible to confuse with the energy of other elements. If you argue with them, you will lose.

Don’t waste your time.

«Metal» people — the most successful businessmen, scientists, inventors. They achieve their goals, no matter what. They only need to set a goal. They do not need support because they do not succumb to difficulties.

They love and know how to lead people, since from birth they are born leaders. No one knows how to direct subordinates in the right way as they are. Be prepared for their demands.

It can be very difficult to get along with them, because they spend a lot of money, love luxury and do not hold back their impulsiveness — sometimes they are more hot-tempered than «fiery» people. Tiger, Horse and Dog — these are animals that are ideal for people of the element Metal.

Water. Water people seem to dissolve in the familiar environment when they feel good. They find loopholes in communication with any person, so they always have the most friends and more than others, the chances of finding a soul mate.

It is impossible not to love them, because they are very kind, attentive and incredibly diplomatic. This is one of the most creative people on Earth, because Water is a symbol of art. Water is life, positive, good luck. They may have problems with the organization, but in general, everything is in order and on this front.

People of Water are given foreign languages ​​more easily than others. They are not afraid to learn, to improve their skills in any field.

Of course, Water can be passive, indifferent. This can not be avoided, because there are no perfect people. You will never know the secrets of a person born in the year of Water.

He knows how to keep not only his own, but also other people’s secrets, so he enjoys the confidence and respect of friends and relatives. To achieve their goals, «water» people can resort to the subtleties of psychology. They are excellent manipulators, which will not be difficult to force you to take their side in the dispute. The most creative animals in the eastern calendar are Water’s best friends: Rabbit, Goat, Pig.

In some cases, still good for Water may be Snake and Dragon.

Tree. The People of the Tree is a vivid example of how generous a person can be. They are wise as the people of Earth, but they are not so isolated and depressive. They are generous not in terms of money, but in terms of spending their personal time.

It’s not hard for them to help you if you need anything. Their hobbies are almost always associated with the cognition of this world. They are wise beyond their years, so they can live independently from an early age.

If desired, they can even manipulate people. You should be more careful with them, since personal motives may be behind the visual appeal. This is a big rarity, because the Tree does not make a person selfish.

The most successful animal patrons for the Tree are Tiger, Dog, Rooster, Pig and Rabbit. As Eastern sages say, almost any animal can approach this element, because people of the Tree always develop in different directions, they are smart and have great potential. The only problem is that it is often very difficult to unlock this full potential.

Whatever your native element is, it is important to take into account the current year. Very much depends on the combination of your element and the element-patron in each particular year. Obviously, if the year of the Earth Snake is in the yard, then those who were born in the year of the Earth will smile upon luck.

Follow the oriental calendar so that everything in your life is always the way you want it.

The Eastern calendar is different from the usual way of determining the new year. The new year according to the eastern calendar is calculated based on the lunar phases. The date is determined by adding 14 days to the first New Moon after the winter Solstice on December 21.

It is on this day, and not on January 1, that a talisman-animal comes into force. Let your birth year be for you a happy mascot for life. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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