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Days of power

Days of power

Days of power are known from ancient times. Our ancestors used them for various rituals aimed at attracting well-being and getting rid of negativity.

Every month there are special days filled with powerful energy. Often, days of power fall on holidays. During each energy surge, you can not only succeed in business and personal life, but also protect yourself from negative energy.

1st of January: Our ancestors used the first day of the new year to rid the house of evil spirits. Fumigate your home with a juniper sprig. It will free you from disease and adversity.

Also, one number can tell fortunes for the future and find out what lies ahead.

January 6 and 7: Christmas Eve and the Nativity of Christ are considered special days. At this time, prayers will help you to cleanse yourself of negativity, sins and start life from scratch. Spend this time with your family so that your relationship will grow stronger day by day.

January 9: On this day, attention was paid to animals, especially domestic cattle. Housewives watered them with holy water and silver to scare off disease and increase offspring.

January 18: during the Epiphany Eve, you can hold a ceremony that will save the house from negative energy. Protective rituals will help get rid of the envious.

January 19: during Baptism take care of your health, pray to get rid of bad thoughts. Water on this day, you can sprinkle your property, so that it was safe. Also, holy water on this day watered sick people so that they would quickly go on the mend.

January 29: On this day, you can change your life for the better. Our ancestors on the 29th carried out rituals that helped to find happiness and well-being.

January 31: according to beliefs, at this time, evil spirits freely «walk.» This is a mystical day when you can tell fortunes. At this dangerous time, it is easy to “catch” the evil eye and damage.

1st of February: watch the weather this day. All month it should be the same as today. If the first day is a strong storm, then our ancestors were at home to spend time with their families, strengthen ties and avoid negative things.

February 5th: Morena’s day. At this time, magical rituals work perfectly, especially in bringing love and wealth to life.

February 10: brownie day. Satisfy your householder so that he will stop kinking and dirtying. Treat him to fresh porridge on butter in a beautiful saucer, put in a secluded place a few candies without candy wrappers.

February, 15: during the Presentation, rituals of protection against negativity were held; they celebrated the meeting of winter with spring. Water at that time was considered healing, so it was recruited from open sources.

February 20th: This day attracts a good harvest. Mistresses bake muffins, as well as onion pies. According to beliefs, garlic and onions eaten on this day contribute to the harvest of excellent crops.

24 February: health day. Bring a sprig from a spring or from another place of power so that there is no place for grief and poverty in your home. Our ancestors gently struck a sprig of livestock to protect it from disease and theft.

March 1: The first day of spring was greeted with a candle. She was carried through all the rooms of the house, and then used St. John’s wort and juniper to fumigate the dwelling. The day is good for fortune-telling for the contented and future.

1 number you can enlist the support of its kind, to avoid life difficulties and troubles.

2nd of March: energetically strong day can be used to attract material well-being. At this time, success brings ceremonies to attract money. Good luck awaits those who are looking for a new job, signs contracts, and also claims a higher paying position.

March, 6: From this day, spend as much time outdoors as possible. So you restore strength and immunity, as well as bring to life well-being.

March 17: On this day, it is worthwhile to conduct a ritual to clean the living quarters Throw out all the accumulated rubbish without regret so that the spring energy of renewal enters your home.

20th of March: day of spring equinox. Heaven is open to any requests. Spend a ritual that will help you find your love, pray to the Higher Forces to gain well-being.

March 24: On this day, you can hold any ceremonies that will help to attract money. A great day for transactions and purchases, especially the acquisition of real estate, as well as to start your own business.

April 7: On this day, the Orthodox world celebrates the Annunciation. At this time, Heaven is open to any prayers and requests, and energy in space helps purify and attract well-being.

April 15: Red hill. A great time for love, entering into marriage unions, fortune telling for the future and bringing prosperity into life. Spend the day with a positive, so that no misfortune hurt you.

April 22-23: these days, a particularly strong surge of energy of the universe contributes to the conduct of ceremonies. Use this time for white love magic. If you do not have a chosen one, then from 22 to 23 you can open up for true love.

April 30: the day when our ancestors visited places of power. At this time you will be able to solve the most difficult issues, get rid of traitors and envious, to justify themselves in the eyes of others.

1st of May: The night of the first number is called Walpurgis. According to ancient legends, the day of witches and sorcerers comes. Use this day to collect healing herbs, rituals of purification and opposition to the negative.

If you manage your emotions, you can fulfill your desire.

May 3: On this day, visit the cemetery to pay homage to deceased relatives. You can ask for advice from loved ones who have left the world of the living, and get answers to many questions. Dreams on this day are prophetic.

the 6th of May: if there is a thunderstorm on that day, wash with rainwater. In order to have wealth in your house, bring water from an open pond and throw precious metal items into it.

May 8: Our ancestors considered this day the strongest in May. At this time, you can perform any ceremony that will bring happiness and prosperity to your family.

May 9: Day of national joy and victory over evil. To create energy protection for your family, meet the dawn in the open air and light a fire. Throw in him little notes with what you want to get rid of.

May 14: On this day, our ancestors took care of their finances — they did not lend to anyone, did not trade, and did not buy anything. In this way, they ensured the stable well-being of their families.

May 15 and 22: days of money. At this time, trade will be successful, as well as love magic. Spend time with your chosen one to strengthen the connection.

June 7: on this day they prepared medicinal decoctions and potions. Before the evening dawn they were taken out into the street, so that the dew gave them true strength.

the 9th of June: On this day, they do not clean up so as not to bring trouble to their home.

June 16: spring water in an energetically strong day is gaining strength, which will get rid of the evil eye, damage and diseases.

June 25: Solstice. Anyone who works honestly, can wait for the reward. Cheaters need to fear the retribution of the universe.

A great time for responsible initiatives, business expansion.

June 29: herbal day At this time, it is worth preparing medicinal herbs for further use.

July 6: time of preparation of brooms for a bath. It is believed that on this day, herbs and trees have the power to heal any ailments. Crank bannits to watch the steam and temperature in the steam rooms.

If this is not done, then you can easily «get angry» or burn yourself.

July 7: Ivan Kupala. The night of love ceremonies, the search for the color of the fern.

July, 12: collecting herbs for love spells. On this day, the power of love magic is especially strong. Do not try to bewitch married or busy, otherwise in love you will not be lucky for another 7 years.

July 29: compressed sheaves brought home help cope with failures and illnesses. Mature grain feed livestock. This time is worth devoting to family and restoring relationships with distant relatives.

August 2: Perun-thunder, or Elijah the prophet. You can not swim and sin. Spend time at the open source of fire to get rid of the failures in life.

Orthodox pray to this day to Elijah the prophet.

August 14: Honey Spas. Day of Power helps to cope with internal contradictions, get rid of bad habits and cleanse the soul of negativity.

August 19: Apple Spas. Autumn meeting. Apples are poured with the power to help cope with any ailments.

August 28: The Assumption Rest day at our ancestors. Time to recuperate, conspire for well-being and prosperity.

August 29: Nut Spas. The time of collecting the first harvest of nuts, purification from the accumulated negative, offering prayers to the Supreme Powers.

11 September: Cornelius, truncating the head of John the Baptist. During strict fasting, root vegetables are eaten, which have exceptional strength.

September 14: day totals. You will be able to evaluate the results of your work and make a plan for the future. Planning new affairs will succeed.

Do not give in to provocations, so as not to be in an adventure.

September 22nd: autumnal equinoxes day. Seeing the summer and ceremonies aimed at the health and well-being of offspring. Our ancestors poured water on their doorsteps to their children in order to save them from damage, to strengthen their immunity.

23 September: collection time of medicinal plants to maintain health. An ideal day of strength to seek medical help. Favorable outcome of surgical interventions.

September 27: Shift On this day there was a ban on visiting the forest. It is believed that forest animals are preparing for hibernation.

To prevent them — to call trouble for the whole year. Favorable time for prayers and purification of the soul from the negative.

October 3: carry out the rite of purification of the house from the negative, are engaged in household chores. On this day, the strength of repair and relocation will bring good luck to the family.

October 14: Holiday Pokrov, cleaning time at home. The beginning of the wedding season and the end of any field work.

October 19: time to clean the home. On this day, homemade preparations and corners in the house are sprinkled with salt.

10th of November: Paraskeva Friday. On this day, prayers for the strengthening of the family have special strength. Quarrels and conflicts that may lead to discord are prohibited.

November 21: Mikhailov day, the time of prophetic dreams, about which you can not tell anyone. A bad dream was washed with running cold water. In a dream, answers may arise to questions that have long tormented.

November 27: the day when you need to give homemade treats. He will guard the house in the icy winter days and will not allow negative in your home.

December 4: On this day, women can not work. This day of power is intended for the memory of ancestors, the activation of generic protection and the prayers of childless couples for the appearance of offspring.

December 19th: Nikola Winter, time for wide festivals. Prepare plentiful treats, welcome guests to the house was a full bowl.

21 December: energetically strong day. At this time, intuition will help to avoid trouble, open new paths for development and successfully complete all things.

Days of power can fall not only on holidays, but also during lunar and solar eclipses. Follow the daily lunar calendar to always be at your best, avoid trouble and quietly move towards success and well-being. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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