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Day of the spring equinox: rituals of love, prosperity and relief from problems

Day of the spring equinox: rituals of love, prosperity and relief from problems

The astronomical beginning of spring attracts not only the final retreat of winter and the steady course to warm weather. This day is also permeated with energy flows, through which you can achieve well-being and attract good luck.

Magic is not such a fabulous thing. Many people know that on certain days the line between the worlds becomes thinner, and this leads to a large surge in energy flows. But not everyone can curb them and direct them to their own good.

However, there are certain rituals due to which on the day of the vernal equinox you can win love and luck.

Rituals and divinations for love and family happiness

On this day, as well as on Maslenitsa, pancakes are baked. Young girls can tell fortunes on this treat to find out the sex of the unborn child. So, if the first pancake was taken by a man, then in the family the firstborn is expected of the same sex.

March 20, prophetic dreams are common, so before you fall asleep, you should remember the fortune-telling that our ancestors used. The girls put a ring and a card with a depiction of a king or a jack under a pillow, asked that their betrothed and had a wide wedding dream. If the dream was good, then marriage is not far off, and if the dream was bad, you should get rid of the obsession, having washed three times with holy or running water.

After washing, spit over the left shoulder and say: «Chur me, chur!».

Ask the universe for support in love. For this you need a red candle, solitude and quiet, relaxing music. Light a candle and take a comfortable position. Imagine yourself a bud of your favorite flower that spreads its petals towards the sun.

Feel the energy of serenity and total happiness fill you. Such meditation allows you to open the most hidden corners of the soul and mind, literally soak in the energy flow and allow yourself to mentally speak the request. Ask for what you are missing. Sincerity and the desire to achieve what was planned on the day of the vernal equinox are supported by powerful bursts of cosmic energy, so nothing is impossible.

If you lack the attention of your half, tell about it in your mind, and if you have not yet met your true love or you cannot yet tell the person about your feelings, also voice your desire.

Ritual for good luck and prosperity

On the day of the spring equinox at sunrise or at sunset stay alone. Sacrifice candles in black and white, a pot of soil and seeds of peas, coins. Candles need to take thin.

Before you light them, try to twist them together or at least tie them up with a twisted of two strings (black and white) with a rope. While twisting the candles or thread, say:

“Day and night are intertwined, becoming equal. They have no authority over each other, a truce. As time intertwines, so does my Destiny change.

I ask luck to smile, turn around in cash. ”

Light candles and relax. Take the seeds of peas in your hands, say everything that you would like from life. If you have a strategy with which you want to achieve material well-being, describe it in detail.

After all the words have been spoken, put a coin in the bottom of the pot, sprinkle it with earth. Plant pea seeds, cover with remaining soil and water. These seeds, germinating, will feed from the roots of monetary prosperity and fill your home with good luck.

Ritual, eliminating problems

Collect items that personify what you would like to be free from. The keys to the unloved home, in which you are not going to return; branches as a symbol of the fact that you put a stick in the wheel; unsuccessful work; the diagnosis of the disease; photo of the person who caused the pain and trouble; old clothes in which you were unhappy.

All these items, as well as a note with the words: “The past life is over. I am starting a new one, with a clean slate, fastened together with the desire and good fortune ” place it in the center of the black piece of fabric, tie it tightly and send it to the trash, preferably in a neighboring yard. Light a white candle at midnight — a symbol of renewal. Looking at the flame, say:

“I’m starting a new life, I confirm it before the fire. I ask the universe to help me overcome my adversity. To clear the soul and body from what is boiling.

Close all the doors to failure, turn away from me those who are on my way means nothing more. ”

Blow out the candle and go to bed. In the morning, be sure to remember what you dreamed. Good emotions confirm that your words are heard, and from that moment you begin a new stage. If the dream was dreary, caused some unpleasant emotions, then something from the past life does not let you go and pulls back.

In order to get rid of the remnants of the load of the past, use the «Labyrinth» meditation. It will help you find a way out and determine what connects you with a negative past.

Day of the spring equinox can be a turning point in the fate of each person. It is important to be confident in yourself and your actions, and in order not to chicken out and open up to meet the update, use positive attitudes every morning. Tune in to win, because your life should not depend on people and actions that you do not want. Let each step brings you closer to the dream, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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