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Day of the spring equinox March 20: rituals for money, happiness and love

Day of the spring equinox March 20: rituals for money, happiness and love

The day of the vernal equinox is not only the beginning of a new astronomical year, but also a time when a powerful stream of energy strikes the Earth. It can be used to bring well-being to life.

On the day of the vernal equinox, our ancestors carried out various rites and rituals that were aimed at finding happiness. March 20 is considered a day of strength, so the effect of any ritual increases many times over. However, esotericism warns that rituals that carry a negative, can negatively affect life and take good luck, so use this time wisely.

How to attract love on the day of the spring equinox

It is necessary to perform the ceremony in the morning, all alone. You will need:

  • red paper;
  • scissors;
  • a pen;
  • red candle;
  • Red thread.

Cut two hearts of the same size out of paper: on one write your name and on the other “mutual love”. Light a candle, peer into the flame and imagine how your soul fills with happiness, you open up to meet a wonderful feeling. It is like spreading the wings behind your back, chasing away adversity. Speak:

“The sun shines my way, the new year begins, a new fate promises me. As the sun will turn for the summer, the love for me will come. ”

Wax the hearts together and then put them in your pocket. Carry them with you so that your love will respond quickly and come into your life.

Another effective rite that will help you to attract love, spend at sunset. Go outside, look at the sunset sky and say:

“I open new love, I attract happiness to life. As the new day begins, so my love will rush towards me, will not pass by, will not turn anywhere. ”

Before going to bed, think about your contented or condescended. There are prophetic dreams during the spring equinox, so you may dream about the appearance of the second half or the name of the person who will become your destiny.

Rites for monetary well-being

To bring financial success to life is easy. To do this, on the day of the spring equinox, cut a piece of fresh black bread. Well, if you can bake it yourself, but the store one will also do. Put the bread on a beautiful saucer, take a pinch of salt and say:

“Salt eat to seize trouble. Salt pouring to sleep wounds. Salt was mined, tears poured, wounds filled, they did not know tiredness. Salt eat, failure to turn away for good.

I’m making bread for finances, I’m opening a path to finance.

Eat a piece of bread, sprinkled with salt, without leaving a crumb. So you open the way to your monetary well-being.

The rite to attract cash flow in life can be carried out with the help of sugar. To do this, take a piece of refined sugar shortly before the time when the astronomical equinox occurs. It will take place at 19:15 Moscow time. Speak on a sugar cube:

“My life is sweet, comfortable, cheerful. I seize any grief with sugar, I don’t know any failures. With sugar, I open the road to happiness with money. ”

As soon as the hands of the clock show the exact time, eat a piece of sugar, and then wash it down with clean water.

Rituals for happiness March 20

On the day of the equinoxes, bake a stack of pancakes, which you treat to all family members. Kneading the dough, think about the fact that everything in your life goes as it should. Attract good luck with your thoughts, sing your favorite song or motive. The rainbow mood and love with which you will prepare a delicacy will help get rid of all the troubles from life.

It is important to eat all the pancakes and leave nothing, so that the happiness in your life is complete and unconditional.

Another ritual that will help attract happiness, is associated with the manufacture of the talisman of luck. In the morning, take a coin that shines brighter than the others, hold it in your hand and say:

“I attract happiness in life, I create a talisman, I don’t believe in trouble. The sun will clear the clouds, the road to happiness will open for me. ”

Put the coin in your wallet, and at 7:15 pm take it out and say: «Let it be so!». Carry the coin with you. It will attract well-being into your life.

Any rite requires faith and a positive attitude. Spend an equinoxes day in a beautiful mood next to your loved ones. Energy people who are dear to you, will give you strength for new achievements and help to cope with any troubles. We wish you happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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