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Daria Mironova: days of power in May

Daria Mironova: days of power in May

Each month contains several days of strength. This is the time when powerful streams of energy literally permeate the space, allowing people to achieve what they want in the shortest possible time.

Energetically strong days in May will allow you to attract material well-being, get rid of negativity and build love relationships, get new useful acquaintances and achieve your goals. Daria Mironova generously shares her knowledge, which helps hundreds of people to radically change their lives for the better.

On the night of May 1, Walpurgis Night will take place. This time since antiquity is considered magical, accompanied by rampant all sorts of evil. The energy of the day is so strong that not a single sorcerer misses the opportunity to charge it.

This is a great time to gather medicinal herbs that are much more powerful than on ordinary days. It is used for magical rituals: love spells, conspiracies. On Walpurgis Night, according to custom, you need to swim in a pond in order to wash off all the accumulated negative. Bare-footed, our ancestors walked at dawn in the dew, in order to improve their health, attract good luck and prosperity.

On this day, according to signs, you shouldn’t give anything in order not to attract misfortune and misfortune into your life.

The growing moon of the first of May in zodiac Cancer. This is a time of unhurried stability, which is favorable for completing current affairs, planning and creating home comfort. Increased emotionality associated with a large influx of energy, is able to control a person, so you should use special exercises to harmonize feelings and emotions.

This energetically strong day is designed to rid your home of the negative. Our ancestors used herbs to fumigate the whole house by reading the plots. This ritual helped to identify areas in which the negative accumulates, and get rid of it. Garlic was placed in the corners to scare away unclean forces that upset the energy balance and adversely affect the health of the household.

On May 2, they called for help from the house-keeper so that he would help women monitor the household and small children.

The growing moon in the sign of Leo does not have to empty conversations. On this day, it is worthwhile to send forces to fight against ambition and carefully plan your activities. The words spoken on this day have a special power, so it becomes easier to achieve the desired.

However, self-serving thoughts can bring trouble, so you should be careful to exclude from the lexicon, abuse and negative statements.

On this day, our ancestors visited the graves of deceased relatives, cleaned up on the graveyards and asked urgent questions to the world. According to beliefs, it is on this day that rituals are especially strong, aimed at strengthening the protection of their families. This ceremony requires a respectful and respectful attitude to their ancestors, so the ancestors tried to appease them with gifts and treats. New plants were planted in the cemetery as a symbol of incessant life and prosperity.

On this day, weddings were banned.

On Wednesday, the growth of the moon continues in the zodiac Leo. On this day of strength, in the opinion of Daria Mironova, it is worth starting important things. The impulse invested in the achievement of goals today will set the pace for the whole month, so you need to discard laziness and doubts.

Successful beginnings will be travel, business trips, the establishment of business and personal relationships, including romantic relationships.

On this day, Perun, the patron saint of thunder and lightning, was glorified. Slavs washed with rainwater to get rid of diseases and ailments. Until dawn, the body was washed in natural springs to attract good luck and well-being. From the keys, lakes and rivers, water was necessarily brought home, they put ornaments and jewelry in it so that wealth in the house would not be transferred.

In the evening fires were lit. The power of fire also helped to get rid of negativity and protect against evil forces. Intimate relations on the night of May 7 helped to strengthen married couples, to bring harmony and mutual understanding into them.

Growing Moon on Saturday is in the constellation Virgo. This day of strength is favorable for health promotion, the revision of the diet. Today it is worth paying attention to hard work that requires perseverance and energy costs. Attention to detail will help eliminate random errors and successfully complete the planned.

The power of the day allows you to do accurate calculations, get new knowledge, collect information for scientific work and implement the knowledge gained into practice. Housewives need to do household chores, to create comfort and harmony.

This day is worth devoting all sorts of divination and magical rituals. The energy of the day of power is so great that any magic will be very effective. However, do not forget that the magical resources must not be used to harm, otherwise the energy efficiency can lead to disastrous results.

On Monday, you can find out the answers to your questions during a night’s sleep: often prophetic dreams, which most often show a way out of a difficult situation or warn of imminent danger.

Growing Moon in the sign of Libra. This time in its energy favorable for new acquaintances, improving relationships with loved ones. Barriers and obstacles on the way are easily overcome, any affairs argue, and luck literally follows on the heels.

The day is successful for marriage and frank confessions.

The Day of Power possesses powerful energy aimed at maintaining vitality, love and the continuation of the race. Ancestors at this time met the dawn behind the outskirts, bowed to the Sun and asked him for good strength. At dusk, large bonfires were erected, symbolizing the flame of everlasting love.

On Tuesday, they were necessarily engaged in love magic, wondering, bewitching and cooking love potions. Couples asked the Higher Forces of healthy offspring, and children born to this day of strength were considered especially gifted and lucky.

The growing moon in the constellation Scorpio gives a powerful energy impulse, which should be sent to active affairs. Difficult questions and tasks are quickly solved, the new information is easily acquired. The day is successful for new inventions, construction and repair.

Any business requiring enthusiasm and energy efficiency is favorable on Tuesday.

Our ancestors used this day to get rid of negativity and attract wealth. At night, they burned fires into which they threw trash and unnecessary things. Before it flared up, they jumped through the flames so that the energy of the fire would help get rid of diseases and poverty.

On May 14, no one was lent anything, and if they had to, they put clothes on inside out, went backwards and spat over their shoulders so that failure would not find their way into the house.

The waning moon in the constellation of Capricorn allows you to review your views on life and change it for the better. The period is favorable for solving earlier deferred questions, completing cases, getting rid of unpleasant dating and any negative. On Sunday, you should listen to the opinions of others, especially the advice of the older generation.

Their experience will allow to avoid mistakes and become successful in their activities.

Day of power is successful for any trade and profit. This so-called Ginger Day is a time when it becomes much easier to get a benefit. Ancestors used conspiracies aimed at success in trade, started talking carts with the goods and the place where they intended to sell it.

Any magic aimed at achieving material well-being receives a strong impulse from the Universe.

The moon continues to decline in the zodiac Capricorn. A day of strength is worth spending in a good-natured mood, without conflicts and disputes. Good deals on Monday will be trade relations, help to the needy, and care for loved ones. A good period for getting rid of pride and self-deception.

The criticism addressed to you should be perceived as a stimulus to action, and not cause offense.

A day of power worth spending outside the house. This period is the ideal time to turn to the forces of nature and the Universe for help. At that time our ancestors visited forest glades, asked for help from their talisman trees, and patronage from the gods.

Excluded any work associated with the destruction of plants: deforestation, picking flowers, grass, weeding, ignition of fires. For good luck and longevity in the morning greeted the sun.

The waning moon in the zodiacal Aries allows you to do things that require an instant reaction. Increased impulsiveness due to the influence of Aries should be sent to a peaceful course. According to the advice of Daria Mironova, today it is necessary to avoid any conflicts and squabbles, so as not to incur a negative.

Caution will be required in financial matters — careful attitude to your funds will allow you to avoid gaps in the family budget.

On every day, filled with a powerful flow of energy, it is necessary to exert maximum efforts to achieve the cherished goal. Use the tips of the famous psychic Daria Mironova to attract luck. We wish you happiness and prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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