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Conception calendar for the year

Conception calendar for the year

Every young family sooner or later thinks about the child. If you are already planning this important event, astrological forecasts will help you choose the right time to conceive.

12 months of the next year will affect conception differently, and therefore each of them considers the conception calendar separately. Astrologers and numerologists will tell you when it is better to approach this crucial step so that the young family moves to a new level of trust and intimacy that the long-awaited child will give to parents.

In January, astrologers advise to look at the days under the auspices of two Zodiac signs — this is Aquarius and Scorpio. Their influence will be only positive, and the child will acquire the best qualities that are inherent in them. The time span controlled by these two constellations will begin on 4 and end on 8 December.

And the lunar calendar considers this time filled with especially strong love.

The most successful days for conception can be picked up in February. Judging by the astrological characteristics of this month, the most prosperous will be the lunar day at the beginning of the month. This time is from 2 to 9. And if you missed it, do not worry and proceed to the responsible step on February 23, 24 or 25, when the world is protected by Virgo and Libra.

March-month for conception is considered safe. Numerologists recommend paying attention to the numbers that are multiples of three: March 2, 9, 18, 21, 27 and 30. This month is the third, and the combination of Troek will affect the character of the baby in the best way — this figure favors the development of talents.

A 30 number is also successful in terms of the lunar calendar.

For all horoscopes, April will be best of all 5, 8 and 12. And 8 the Moon will be managed by a responsible and hardworking Taurus. And the 12th day of the month is happier in the opinion of numerological natal charts, since, in sum, the numbers give the Troika already familiar to us.

May is the fifth month of the year. Therefore, the dates in multiples of the Five, will be the happiest. Conception calendar recommends note 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 May.

As for the influence of the moon — it is not too strong in the May period, but in the nights preceding the listed days and in the following days. The moon will affect the baby only favorably.

A well-chosen day in July will bring luck in terms of the health of the future baby. The middle of the month — from 11 to 15 — will be the most suitable. Favorable constellations will rule the moon, thus endowing all those who were conceived at this time only with their positive properties, but first of all with physical strength.

In July, horoscopes draw your gaze on the 2 and 12 numbers, as well as on dates from 20 to 29. Two is a symbol of a couple, a union, so at this time, those who want to strengthen their relationship can also think about the child, linking each other with stronger with ties.

In August, the first 10 days will be successful. This does not mean that the conception on subsequent dates will be unhappy or unfavorable, but the recommended period is considered the most prosperous according to the forecasts of the lunar calendar.

Conception in September is best carried out on the growing moon. Its energy is favorable for the rapid development of the fetus and for easy delivery. The 6th, 7th and 8th numbers are the strongest lunar days.

If you are thinking of conceiving a child in October, then a wide selection of suitable dates opens before you. From October 1 to October 14, any chosen day will be successful, as the Moon moves from the constellation to the constellation, incorporating only the best, and its energy flows will help the baby to be born strong and cheerful.

In November, lunar forecasts consider the energy of a night star to be the most productive and useful from November 1 to November 10, as well as from 20 until the end of this month. It will favorably affect the biorhythms of the mother and her child.

December, in the opinion of numerologists, is especially favorable for conception, because 12 months gives a planned child giftedness in the sciences and intellectual activity. And in order to strengthen this influence and consolidate it, conception can be carried out on December 3, or 9. 18 or 24 numbers are also considered lucky, also according to the state of the Moon at this moment.

Open conception calendars to give the child you are expecting only well-being. Remember that parental love is stronger than any horoscope, so do not deprive your baby with this priceless gift. Love each other and do not forget to press buttons and

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