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Compatibility in love on the eastern calendar: which sign suits you

Compatibility in love on the eastern calendar: which sign suits you

People have always been interested in compatibility not only by the Sign of the Zodiac, but also by the Signs of the Eastern Calendar. The Eastern Horoscope is a calendar of animal patrons of each year, which is very popular all over the world.

The fact is that each animal of the eastern calendar is unique in its properties. If you, for example, were born in the Year of the Snake, then you will be endowed with certain traits of character that are different from those that you might have if you were born in a year, say, Goats. The Eastern calendar is closely connected with the philosophy of Feng Shui, with astronomy and the lunar calendar, so astrologers and experts in bioenergy say that the calculation of compatibility in love on this calendar is very accurate and truthful.

Compatibility table

Specialists of the site dailyhoro.ru created for you the compatibility chart of the signs of the eastern horoscope. Below is a table consisting of the main column and the main row. You need to find yourself and your partner in a column or row, and then look at the number at the intersection of the column and row. This number will indicate the degree and nature of your love compatibility.

Decoding numbers below.

Signs for women are marked above, and for men at the side. This is very important, since the same Signs characterize men and women differently.

Interpretation of compatibility numbers

Zero. If at the intersection of your Signs you saw a zero, it means that you have the worst compatibility in love. You may be constantly haunted by various problems and disagreements, because there is a complete opposite of views. Of course, even in this case, there is no one hundred percent certainty that you will fail.

With due desire, anything can happen, but problems will somehow appear in your relationship. This is typical for many couples, but your difficulties will be constant, prevailing. Such a union is completely disharmonious and filled with doubts, quarrels and the game of tug of war.

The only thing that is possible between you is a partnership in order to gain joint experience in various fields. Love is unlikely, and marriage and the creation of a family will not be the best solution.

Unit. The number 1 means that your union will be full of serious conflicts. Your Signs are practically incompatible, but if a spark appears, then it will not be easy to extinguish it.

In the absence of such a connection between you is unlikely to be strong. In order for your relationship to take shape, you need a good reason, a special reason, and maybe time. As experience shows, such alliances only get stronger with time, but almost no one can survive the incredibly strong conflicts in the beginning.

Two. Constant swings in the mood are waiting for your union. Love will be like traveling around a country with a different climate — either cold, heat, wind, or calm.

If your nervous system is in order, then you can safely try to build something together. If you are not sure of your will power, then it is better not to try to go into fire and water. Your marriage or love may be perfect, but it’s better not to take the rubbish out of the hut and leave all quarrels and troubles between you, not listening to the advice of people around you. There may be betrayals, small betrayals, but patience and work will be a little bit rough.

You will need to change yourself and learn diplomacy. Only in this way will you reach mutual agreement. Your friendly or loving relationship will grow stronger and stronger with time. The more problems you get along with, the better.

This will help you change your destiny for the better.

Troika. The number three is an indicator that you need to build your relationship on a partnership. Friendship should be built on mutually beneficial terms. You need to give and receive everything equally.

It is the same in love — everyone gives and receives something in return. If this balance is broken, the relationship will end in failure, and at any time. It does not matter how long you lived together — a year or a day, betrayal in any case will put an end to the relationship. You need to spend more time together to get to know each other more and more.

Do not be afraid of losing the spark in love — she will stay with you forever if you do not upset your soulmate. In friendship and in love, you better be as honest as possible.

Four. Give your other half or potential partner more freedom. Success in the relationship is guaranteed, but you need to let your loved one do what he wants without blaming him for it.

In the end, you get from him a maximum of encouragement, affection and care. You just do not change you. Accept yourself and say that you are not ready to devote all the time to one person. Self-realization is more important for you, but this is not bad on either side.

Nature has endowed you with special ambitions that require appropriate dedication.

Five. The owners of the five best compatibility. Your couple boasts the highest energy compatibility rates.

Of course, this does not mean that you can live all your life without problems, but you have more chances for happy love than anyone else. Love is more important to you than anything, so you will always succeed in finding the best solution for both parties in any difficult situation. Find a way out even from unsolvable at first glance problems can be a simple joint effort.

To cope with problems one by one is difficult, but together you are a force, real and truly powerful.

Good luck in love is always accompanied by those who believe in it. Remember that your thoughts are material. They will help you to realize the dream of a bright future together. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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