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Church holiday of the Exaltation of September 27

Church holiday of the Exaltation of September 27

On September 27, the Orthodox world remembers the miraculous acquisition of the Cross, which served as the instrument for the crucifixion of the Savior. The church and believers sacredly honor the bright traditions of this day.

history of the holiday

Two events are connected with the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy and Life-giving Cross of the Lord, which are described in the Sacred Tradition.

70 years after the Son of God took the flour on the cross and, having risen, ascended to heaven, Jerusalem was captured by Roman troops. The emperor turned out to be a pagan and therefore set out to get rid of the memory of a great event and places where Christ received righteous torment. It was ordered to hide the cave under the ground, where the Holy Sepulcher was located.

At this place the Romans made pagan altars, in which they prayed to their gods.

However, several centuries later, in the 4th century, the Christians again managed to find these shrines thanks to the Roman emperor Constantine and Queen Helen, who was his mother. Konstantin won a victory in three wars, after which, as legend says, he saw in heaven a cross and letters saying: «Having won this, this.» The emperor took it as God’s Sign and was eager to find the cross on which they had crucified Christ.

Queen Helen, being already in old age, followed her son. She was outraged by the pagan altars and idols in the holy land of Jerusalem. By order of the queen they undertook to destroy, so as not to desecrate this place.

Elena independently asked the residents of the city about the whereabouts of the Christian shrine, but no one could give an exact answer where the Life-giving Cross is located. It was found when Christians completely destroyed the pagan idolatrous places and dug the Holy Sepulcher out of the ground. Along with him dug up nails and three crosses.

According to legend, in order to determine on which of them Christ was executed, all three instruments of crucifixion were applied to a person who had recently departed into the world. The life-giving Cross manifested itself by resurrecting the dead in one touch. Many Christians, convinced of the authenticity of the shrine, appealed with a request to raise the Cross higher and show it to everyone. Then the Cross was raised, erecting as high as they could.

Believers worshiped the shrine and offered prayers to the Lord.

The Queen returned to Constantinople with a particle of the Holy Cross. At the behest of Constantine in Jerusalem built a temple that would protect Golgotha ​​and the Holy Sepulcher. The temple was consecrated on September 14, that day the tradition to celebrate the Exaltation appeared.

In a new style, believers recall this event on September 27.

Two centuries after the miraculous discovery of Christian shrines, the Cross was abducted by the Persians. After 14 years, he was returned to the holy land. Legend has it that the emperor, who carried the shrine to the temple, stopped, approaching Calvary, and could not move.

Then the patriarch who accompanied him recalled that the Savior had climbed Golgotha ​​in a humiliated form. The emperor removed the symbols of power, dressed in a simple robe and continued the ascent unhindered.

Celebration of the Exaltation

On this holiday, solemn liturgies with worship services are held in temples, which are attended by all believers. The priest does not read the Gospel in the middle of the temple, as usual, but in the altar.

The most significant moment of divine service on this day is the moment when a priest “erects” a cross, raising it and turning it alternately in all four directions of the world. This ritual is intended to remind you of the day when the believers were again able to worship the shrine on which the Savior endured so much torment for the human race. The cross used in divine services in honor of the day of the Exaltation is special: it is practically not tolerated during services on other occasions, it is massive and made of wood.

Christians worship the cross and attach to it, asking for protection from Heaven.

On this day, you must observe a strict fast: do not eat meat, fish and dairy products. According to the tradition, one should eat cabbage dishes — this was also done by our ancestors, who started cooking supplies for the winter on the Feast of the Exaltation.

On the Exposition, it is forbidden to get out of the house, do hard work, and allow yourself anger or bad thoughts. On this day, believers think about the Savior’s sacrifice, repent of their sins, and ask God for help in correcting their mistakes and strength for their future life.

The attainment of the Life-giving Cross helped the Gentiles to come to God, and in Christians strengthened steadfastness and faith in God’s dispensation. Believe in a miracle, do not forget about the bright dates of the calendar and press the buttons and

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