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Chinese New Year: When the Year of the Yellow Dog Comes

Chinese New Year: When the Year of the Yellow Dog Comes

East is a delicate matter. This is a unique civilization that sacredly honors traditions, rituals, ceremonies, ceremonies. And the Chinese New Year is no exception.

In Russia, the New Year is included in the list of the most beloved festivals. Not just because most people meet him two or even three times. Our New Year holidays have long been over, people with anguish have removed all the New Year attributes.

But why? After all, you can meet the New Year again — according to the eastern calendar. The date of the celebration of the Chinese New Year is calculated by the lunar calendar.

According to him, the year of the Yellow Dog will begin only in February.

History of the Chinese New Year

The history of the Chinese New Year is shrouded in secrets and legends. As one of the legends tells, the celebration is directly related to the terrible monster Chun. This monster plagued the inhabitants of a small village, making an annual raid.

People had no choice but to hide from him in the mountain caves to save their lives.

Once this village was visited by a poor old man who decided to stay in the settlement. He was expecting a monster attack. The next morning, returning from shelters, people found that their houses were intact, like the dwelling of the very old man who had saved the entire village from horror, destruction and death.

The old man sat in the center of the village and laughed, and lights were shining near him, fireworks thundered and fireworks thundered.

It turned out that Chun was afraid of bright light and loud noise. Since that day, the villagers have ceased to fear for their lives. Every year they celebrated a noisy and cheerful holiday, so that the evil monster would bypass the side of their edge.

When does the year of the dog begin on the Chinese calendar?

Annually the date of the celebration of the Chinese New Year is changing. It directly depends on the lunar phases. This year, the celebration falls on the second New Moon.

This phenomenon will occur on February 16th. In China salutes will sound, which can be considered the beginning of a great celebration. Chinese New Year is not a few hours, but two whole weeks.

But even such a long period of celebrations does not free the Chinese from work: they rest only seven days.

Literally Chinese New Year translates as Spring Festival. Residents of eastern countries must come to the house where they grew up or where their loved ones live in order to unite with the family. This is a celebration of love, care and support. Chinese foundations flow into many cultures, including ours.

Passion for oriental ceremonies and traditions is an opportunity to improve your life by starting it from scratch.

Symbol of the Year — Earthen Dog

According to the eastern calendar, there are 12 patron animals that change annually. In addition, the eastern calendar includes five elements: fire, earth, water, metal, wood. They also follow each other.

An amazing moment: every year in China is a combination that repeats once every sixty years.

February 16 the throne will take the Dog and the elements of the Earth. The main color of this year is considered to be yellow. Since the time in China is significantly different from ours, it should be said that the coming year will be 4,716, and not.

Yellow Earth Dog — a symbol of loyalty, honesty and virtue. The fair mistress of the year, according to Chinese mythology, will reward each according to merit. She appreciates honesty and loyalty, helping only the elect. That is why you should move towards the goals with perseverance, achieving them only in an honest way.

With this attitude, a person will be able to withstand great overloads — life and career, because he will be fully under the tutelage of the Yellow Dog.

Thus, the New Year holidays can be stretched for several months. It’s worth starting according to the traditions of our country on January 1, and ending on March 2 — it’s up to this day in China there will be a cycle of holidays devoted to the Chinese New Year. This is a good chance to extend the New Year celebrations, raise your spirits and charge positive until next New Year. We wish you happiness and success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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