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Chinese New Year: Signs and Rituals for Prosperity and Luck

Chinese New Year: Signs and Rituals for Prosperity and Luck

Chinese New Year is gaining popularity among residents of Russia. Within two weeks, everyone will have the opportunity to bring wealth and well-being into their lives. Eastern signs and rituals will help in this.

Chinese New Year is held on New Moon and is not tied to a specific date. the celebration falls on January 28 and will continue until February 15 of the year. The year will be held under the auspices of the Fiery Red Rooster. The celebration usually involves a richly laid table and Chinese dishes that are consonant with the words «happiness», «luck», «wealth».

Among them, an honorable place is occupied by fish, chicken and tofu. In Russia, they show great interest in omens and rituals of the East, which help to enlist support from the Rooster and to attract well-being and wealth to their lives.

The celebration itself will last two weeks. It was at this time that people follow ancient traditions and observe time-honored rituals. Also, this period is intended to unite all family members and have fun.

Joy and happiness contribute to attracting good luck, because good mood and carelessness help to forget about pressing problems and enjoy the company of dear and close people.

Signs for the Chinese New Year

On the eve of the holiday, you should carefully clean your house and decorate it in accordance with the nature of the animal patron. This year, preference is given to bright and rich fiery colors.

According to legend, it is necessary to sweep garbage from the corners to the center, and then carefully fold it into a bag and take it out. Thus, luck stays in the house, and positive energy flows bring happiness to the house.

On the first day of the New Year, it should be remembered that all cutting objects can cut off good luck for the whole year, so it’s better not to use them.

Talk about death, illness and turmoil on this day is banned. Also, the Chinese believe that the number 4 brings failure, so try not to mention it in the conversation.

Scare away evil spirits, evil spirits and ghosts helps red. The more it will be in your house and in clothes, the safer the period for you when these entities break into our world. Home decoration and another way to influence your destiny are incense and red candles.

They are designed to clear the space of negative energy.

Moody Fortune will stay with you if on the day of the celebration all windows and doors are closed. All exits from the house should be decorated with red Chinese lanterns with hieroglyphs denoting wealth and well-being. You can also use red pieces of paper on which the cherished words will be written.

Rituals for wealth and luck

One of the ancient and interesting traditions of China — the distribution of money. Bright red envelopes are made independently the day before, and then donated to friends and relatives. They put a symbolic bill with a wish for prosperity and well-being.

Presented souvenirs are most often used as talismans and are carried in a wallet. It is believed that they attract and increase finances.

To attract money into the house will help the ritual with a clay pot. All family members write notes with a wish for financial benefits and put them in a potty. The figure representing the symbol of the year is also placed there. Then the coins and small bills are dropped.

The eldest member of the family covers the pot with green cloth and ties it with linen thread with attached money symbols. The pot is removed from prying eyes and stored for a whole year.

Tangerines — an integral part of the holiday. The Chinese are confident that these citruses bring good luck, so their presence in the house is necessary. It is also customary to bring as a gift 2 mandarins, symbolizing a good and sweet life.

Another bright and colorful ritual of attracting good luck is Chinese lanterns. They are decorated with hieroglyphs denoting happiness, luck, love and wealth, they launch into the sky and believe that at the moment when the flashlight touches the earth, good luck will come to the life of the person who launched it. Flashlights can be provided with notes with specific wishes and be sure to mentally pronounce them three times.

A kind of ritual that attracts good luck and prosperity, is the meeting of the New Year in new clothes. Dresses are purchased in advance, and the colors are chosen in accordance with the patron of the coming year. An invisible pocket is sewn on the clothes, in which a coin is put, a braid of interlaced ribbons of red, green and gold colors, a note wishing good luck in business and personal life.

New Moon is especially revered among the Chinese. They believe that walks on New Year’s Eve bring renewal and are the key to a long and successful life. And of course, everyone makes their own secret desires.

Looking into the sky, they thank the Higher Forces for the past year, success in their careers and personal lives and ask for good luck and prosperity in the new.

Every person has the power to influence the course of fate. For this you need to believe in yourself and go for your dream. Rituals to attract good luck will contribute to the realization of all hopes. Make wishes, be happy and do not forget to press buttons and

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