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Chinese New Year February 16: traditions, customs and omens

Chinese New Year February 16: traditions, customs and omens

Soon we will be able to celebrate our favorite holiday again. According to the eastern calendar, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog will come only on February 16, and the celebration will last until March 2.

For many it is unusual that the Chinese New Year comes much later. However, this has its advantages. Despite the fact that warm spring days are approaching, each of us will be able to once again plunge into the New Year’s atmosphere.

Previously, the event was celebrated within a month, but in the modern world the number of holidays has decreased to 15. The celebration will begin on February 16.

Traditions and customs of the Chinese New Year

Usually the holiday begins with the launch of fireworks. It is believed that if on this day evil spirits set foot on the ground, then the year will be lean, and you can frighten them away with the help of a noisy and bright salute.

According to Chinese tradition, the main decoration of the house is not a Christmas tree, but a tangerine tree. With it, the house can attract happiness and good luck.

As in Western countries, the Chinese are beginning to prepare for the New Year in advance. Decorate the house with garlands, fresh flowers and tangerines. Cleaning is an important pre-New Year ritual.

With its help you can get rid of not only dirt, but also problems and failures.

As a decoration, you can use red tinsel: with its help, you can protect your home from evil spirits. In order to attract happiness and good luck in the New Year, hang a figure of an angel near the entrance door.

To prevent evil spirits from entering the house, it is customary to seal windows and doors before the New Year. In the modern world, this tradition is relevant only in rural areas.

Many dishes are traditional for the Chinese New Year. Rice symbolizes abundance, fish dishes — wealth and good fortune, noodles — long life, and goose — family well-being. You can find happiness if these dishes are present at your holiday table.

New Year’s table in China usually breaks from treats. Festive meals should satisfy the tastes of each guest. The main place on the table is occupied by fish, meat, rice and noodles.

As an appetizer, the most commonly served vegetables are fruits, and cheese.

Jiaozi, or Chinese dumplings, is a traditional New Year’s dish in China. It consists of vegetables and, rarely, meat. It is believed that this treat can attract wealth, because it is not for nothing that the appearance of dumplings resembles small pieces of gold.

New Year’s Eve dinner traditionally ends with the distribution of «cash gifts». All guests exchange envelopes made of red paper in which there is money. Previously, gold coins were presented as such a gift, but at the moment bills are more often presented.

It is not recommended to go to bed immediately after the New Year’s meal, so as not to miss your happiness.

In China, special attention is given to gifts. For example, giving watches to older people is strictly prohibited. It is believed that such things can cause negative thoughts.

Chinese dragon is a symbol of goodness. To make the harmony reign in your house in the New Year, and all the family members to be happy and healthy, cut the dragon out of red paper and hang the decoration on the front door.

Signs for the Chinese New Year

Before the New Year comes, get rid of empty cans, otherwise in the future you will run into poverty.

Leaving the house on February 16, pay attention to the first person you met. If you met a man, in the New Year you will have a friend. Woman — in your surroundings will appear envious.

You can not exchange congratulations in the bedroom, otherwise you risk attracting thirty-three misfortunes.

The day after the New Year you can not use a knife, so as not to cut off your luck.

In Cantonese, the word «book» is consonant with the word «lose.» For this reason, before the New Year, all the bookstores in China are closed.

Cleaning should be done before the holiday, otherwise along with the dust you risk sweeping away wealth and happiness from home.

At the festive table, it is customary to have fun and indulge in warm memories, and it is not recommended to talk about death and remember the dead. Thus, you risk losing the support of the Higher Forces for the whole year.

The Chinese believe that hair is closely related to our destiny, so in the first three days of the New Year, it is not recommended to cut and dye your hair in order not to change your life for the worse.

Do not wash your hair for the Chinese New Year, so as not to wash away your luck.

You can not cry and swear at the festive table, otherwise you will live in tears the whole year.

A few hours before the New Year, collect all the old clothes and burn them. This way you will get rid of old problems and failures.

The many traditions of Chinese New Year are not just part of Eastern culture. With their help, you can attract luck and start your life from scratch. We wish you happiness and success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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