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Cathedral of the 12 Apostles: the national holiday of July 13

Cathedral of the 12 Apostles: the national holiday of July 13

On July 13, year after year, the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of 12 apostles, the disciples of Jesus Christ. This is an important day for all Christians. Holy Apostles are honored by the church since the 4th century.

The Cathedral of the 12 Apostles is celebrated the day after the day of the memory of Paul and Peter — the two first saints. Earlier we talked about these two apostles, who gave their lives for pure faith and love of God. Peter is a member of the 12 main apostles.

12 apostles

The apostle in translation means «servant of God.» These 12 favorites include all of his closest students. They left their lives and devoted themselves completely to Christ and his mission.

Of course, they doubted, even they had difficulties understanding the words of Jesus. Many of them were not sure that they are doing everything right, but in the end the truth was revealed to everyone. As is known, one of the chosen apostles even betrayed Christ.

All this once again hints at the true human essence — we always doubt and demand proof of the existence of God. For their torment and suffering, they deserve to be present at the Last Judgment, but not alongside other people, but alongside the Lord.

  • Peter. The First Apostle, was crucified upside down to look at God from the bottom up.
  • Andrew the First Called. The brother of the Apostle Peter, who was crucified on the cross in the shape of the letter X. This symbol is the banner of the Russian fleet.
  • Matthias Selected by the apostle after the betrayal of Judas. Was stoned.
  • Simon the Zealot. Preached in Abkhazia, for which he was crucified on the cross.
  • Thaddeus. Brother of the flesh. He was executed for believing in Christ in Armenia.
  • Matthew. It was burned in Egypt.
  • Jacob Alfeev. Matthew’s brother. Also died in Africa.
  • Thomas, who did not believe in the Resurrection of Christ. Preached in India and Asia. Executed in India.
  • Bartholomew. He preached in Asia with Philip. Executed in Armenia, died in inhuman torment.
  • Philip. Nesse faith and the cross along with Bartholomew. Executed on the cross.
  • John the Theologian. Peacefully died in Ephesus. Evangelist, preacher.
  • Jacob Zavedeev. John’s brother, killed in Jerusalem.

Apparently, only the Theologian died his own death. All these people were great martyrs, because they took terrible agony for their faith in God. Since they were the very first, they were honored to be with Jesus Christ after death.

In honor of the 12 apostles were built many churches, including in Russia. In the 17th century, a church was built in the Kremlin in honor of the most devoted students.

Tradition July 13

The day of July 13 is also considered a national holiday, because in Russia he always united people in trying to get closer to God. On the 13th, it is customary to visit temples and pray for yourself and your family. If you are unable to come to church, read the prayer to the 12 apostles at home:

On the Holy Apostles of Christ: Peter and Andrew, James and John, Philip and Bartholomew, Fomo and Matthew, James and Jude, Simone and Matthew! Hear our prayers and laments, the heart of those afflicted now brought, and help us, the servants of God (names), your almighty before the Lord intercession, get rid of all evil and hostility of flattery, firmly committed by you to preserve the Orthodox faith, in your own presentation you will not be wounded , neither by blessing, nor by pestilence, nor by anger from the Creator of our diminishing will we live, but we will live and live peacefully and see what is good on the land of the living, glorifying the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the Trinity slavimagogo and worship God, now and ever eyelids in.

At the Cathedral of the 12 apostles, it is customary to help not only relatives or relatives, but also people in general. If someone asks you for help, then do not refuse him.

Also on July 13, people ask each other for forgiveness and make peace. This is a great day for all Christians, so grievances are forgotten.

We wish you good luck and strong faith in God. Of course, this day of the 12 apostles is not among the 12 major holidays, but it is no less important for all believers. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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