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Cash signs for every day of the week

Cash signs for every day of the week

People believe in omens from ancient times. The wisdom of the ancestors allows you to avoid many troubles, as well as bring to life the material well-being.

Monetary marks are popular in the modern world. With their help, every day of the week can be special and profitable. Given the wisdom of the ancestors, you can easily avoid trouble and stay with the money.

Use actionable tips to improve your financial situation day by day.


  • The beginning of the week is important to spend with caution. Do not plan anything new, especially if things are connected with money.
  • Be careful not to lend money, otherwise you will be asked to borrow from you all week, and you may not see any of your savings anymore.
  • To make a profit for the whole week you can, if you borrow salt from the neighbors.
  • On Monday, the money does not count, so as not to stay with empty pockets.
  • Set aside spontaneous purchases, otherwise everything you buy on the first day of the week may break, and money will be thrown to the wind.

  • On Tuesday, they do not lend money and do not take it. If you transfer your money, you can part with it, and if you borrow, then get ready to spend a long time in a cramped position.
  • A person born on Tuesday is considered to be a lucky person who will not experience financial difficulties. If this day of the week gets you a birthday boy, then your money will go uphill.
  • On Tuesday, for material well-being, you can cut your nails. However, do not give them a sharp shape to eliminate trouble.
  • On the second day of the week, amulets are put in the wallet to attract material well-being.
  • On Wednesday, a noble donation will help to attract money. Split a large bill (from five hundred rubles) for a trifle and distribute to those who need it. Your money will definitely come back to you in greater quantities.
  • Put a coin under your heel, a nickel is best. Walk with her all day to attract cash luck.
  • On Wednesday, you can bake pies, talking dough for prosperity and well-being. Feed them all households so that there are no financial difficulties in your family.
  • On Wednesday they buy the necessary things in everyday life. They will last a long time and justify the money spent.

  • On Thursday hand out debts to get rid of the difficulties with money. Profit will return to you a hundredfold.
  • A few coins thrown into the water bath will attract money to you. Swim in it to financial problems avoided you.
  • Generosity from a pure heart will surely pay off. Be good-natured and don’t spare small amounts to help someone in difficulty.
  • On Friday, trading will be successful and profitable. Sell ​​at least something so that your financial success is always there.
  • The loss of financial stability threatens those who decide to wash their hair or cut their nails on Friday. Eliminate these activities so that money matters go uphill.
  • On Friday, count the money. After counting, put them in your wallet and be sure to put the talisman of wealth there.
  • Accumulations spent on a good cause, will return to you in triple size.

  • On the way to the house, pour some rice cereal. Do this when you return home. Rice will show money the way to your home.
  • Brush your brownie with delicious porridge. Put a coin in a cloth bag in a secluded place for him. The spirit of the house will help protect your savings from unreasonable spending and theft.
  • On Saturday, successful and profitable purchases, cash investments in material values.
  • Saturday is a day to spend cleaning. Spend rituals that will help you increase your savings.


  • Small coins, lying in the pockets and in the wallet, spend no residue. Thus, you will open the way to new money, which will definitely come to you in the near future.
  • Beware of borrowing or transferring your money.
  • If you want to get rid of debt obligations, wash all the shoes, and throw the old ones in the trash. Put coins in old shoes so that financial luck comes back to you again and again.
  • Attract wealth on Sunday, walking barefoot through the house after waking up.
  • Broken kitchen utensils on this day — for fast money.

Do not forget that money does not like greedy and petty people. Such persons most often found blocked money channels that condemn poverty. Be good-natured and spare no effort to help the people around you. Believe in the best, be happy and do not forget to press buttons and

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