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Cash signs for every day

Cash signs for every day

Monetary signs are very important, because financial well-being can be very short-lived. We have prepared for you a lot of signs and tricks that will help save and increase your money.

Earlier we wrote about monetary magic and five ways to become richer. Signs are closely associated with esoteric teachings and energy. They help to keep financial success high and not to miss a happy moment in order to increase revenues.

Cash Signs

People’s observations gave us a lot of signs that really work. Here are the most popular ones.

If at Full Moon you see the Moon to your left, walking along the street, then show her a large bill. It will attract more money.

If you woke up in the morning and saw the money lying on the floor, only raise it the next day, as this may deprive you of good luck.

In the apartment or in the house should always be one broom.

Eastern philosophy says that if the small things are not thrown away and not spent, but stored or stored in the corners in the corridor and living room, this will help to attract a lot of money in the future.

Most of the coins easily accept the evil eye and damage, as well as serious curses, so never under any circumstances, do not pick up coins on the street.

Never put change on the windowsill or on the table in the kitchen. So all the money will run away from you.

To borrow money is best during the period of growth of the moon, and to give in a period of decreasing lunar disk. So advise to do all the leading astrologers and specialists in the lunar energy.

Do not forget to donate money. Do not be mean, since greed usually leads to poverty.

If you cut your nails on Wednesdays and Saturdays, it will have a positive effect on monetary success.

Do not whistle at home.

Do not sit on the table — it is to failure.

Do not lend money on Monday.

Clean the house by feng shui. Throw away all the old rubbish you don’t need to allow energy to circulate freely around the house.

You should always have money in your wallet — at least a couple of coins.

To protect yourself from unnecessary expenses before going to the store, put a coin in your shoes, under your left foot.

Feng Shui says that the red color attracts positive energy. Keep a red piece of paper or a ribbon in your wallet — then the money will not leave you.

Every time you receive a salary or any other monetary gain, be sure to spend a small amount of this money — for example, buy bread.

When someone wants you to fail or say that you are not lucky in the future, just say about yourself: “Good luck, good luck, you are always with me. Off bad thoughts. «

During a full moon or moon rise, put one coin under the pillow. So you will attract more money in your life.

Buy a piggy bank in the form of a toad. In the east, the three-legged toad is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

No one can hurt you or jinx you if you wash your face every morning and say: “The new day has come, success will be mine. I want him to accompany me, to be mine. ”

These signs are very simple and easy to remember. Follow them and then your money will always be in order. Popular wisdom from different parts of the world is always right, for it has been tested by dozens of generations in practice.

We wish you good luck. Read our Financial «> financial horoscopes to always know where and how to catch financial success. Let money be your best friends. Be lucky and do not forget to press the buttons and

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