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Cash days: what day of the week are you lucky

Cash days: what day of the week are you lucky

In astrology, every day of the week has its own peculiarity, since every day its planet rules. It turns out that there are special, cash days, when luck goes by itself, you just need to stretch them out! These days you can safely make purchases, take loans, invest money and increase them.

In addition, on such days any financial issues are easily resolved.

Days of the week

Thursday is considered the most monetary day of the week., since this day is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of business, work and business. On this day, astrologers recommend resolving all financial issues, enter into transactions and take actions aimed at increasing revenues.

What do astrologers say about the rest of the week?

Monday ruled by the moon. This is the day of the launch of new cases and ideas. All words and thoughts on Monday materialize more often than on any other day.

So set goals and dream!

Tuesday. Ruled by Mars. The day was created for fruitful work. Tuesday reminds us that nothing is so easy.

Make more effort. On this day, it is important to manifest your intention in action.

Wednesday. Ruled by Mercury. On this day, it is good to establish contacts and negotiate, borrow, give money and make purchases.

Easy day. You can take a risk.

Friday. Ruled by Venus. Unfavorable day for any kind of financial affairs.

Let your money rest.

Saturday. Ruled by Saturn. Time to correct mistakes and draw conclusions.

You can not lend and borrow. Spend time thinking about something spiritual, not material.

Sunday. Ruled by the sun. Day to understand their place in life, harmonizing relations with money.

Do not be afraid to part with the money on this day, as they will return to you in full.

The day falls on Thursday, but even on the other days of the week, you can attract money luck or to avoid financial problems if you use the recommendations of astrologers. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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