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Calendar of weddings for the year

Calendar of weddings for the year

The wedding calendar for the year will be an assistant to everyone who is going to tie the knot. The choice of the date on which such a significant event will be scheduled plays an important role for the future family.

Guided by the lunar calendar, astrologers have selected a list of days for each month, when the wedding celebration will be particularly successful and will bring the newlyweds a lot of happiness.

In January best to have a growing moon wedding, 11, 15 or 22 numbers. The January marriages concluded on these three dates will be the strongest, but it is better not to plan painting on 5 and 9: A Waning Moon, along with a calculating Capricorn or a jealous Scorpio, are not the best patrons of marriage.

In February The most favorable days for marriage will be the 14th, 19th and 21st. At this time, the Moon grows, and with its growth your feelings increase and grow stronger. February 12 and 22, you can also move to a new stage of relations.

And you should not do it on the 6th day, as well as on the 23th and 24th, when the too active and stingy Virgo comes into play.

In March The best days to celebrate a wedding are 13, 18, and 20. Married at this time, you will live in perfect harmony. On March 13, Taurus will be in full force, able to give peace and confidence in a partner, while the other 2 recommended days are governed by a bright Leo.

The whole period of the Descending Moon to New Moon, which will come on March 9, is considered unfavorable.

In April It is best to marry and marry from 8 to 10. At this time, the Growing Moon moves from Taurus to Cancer, which will bring material stability and spiritual understanding to the next marriage. But April is generally not a good month, so it’s best to insure your talisman for happy love, if you have already signed up for the registry office.

6, 7, 23, 27 and 28 numbers are unfavorable according to astrological forecasts.

In May Popular wisdom usually advises to avoid weddings, however, by connecting the hearts of the 8th or 20th, you can bypass the unhappy signs. But on May 3, 31, as well as time from 24 to 26 — the direct way to “bend” the first time.

In June There are many successful days. This is both 10 and the time from June 17 to 19, when even Scorpio, in which the Moon will initially live, will give a future marriage not jealousy or suspicion, but a mutual passion for many years. For June 4, the wedding calendar does not advise planning significant events in the love sphere: Twins may turn out to be too windy.

In July The best day will be the 10th. You can go to the registrar and 11, but it’s better to still sign up there for the day. At this time, the world is ruled by a harmonious moon in the constellation Libra. On July 17, she will also favor mutual love.

And 15 and 16 numbers are suitable for other love accomplishments, for example, for frank confessions or offers of hands and hearts. Adverse will be only July 30.

In August The three most successful days in terms of the wedding lunar calendar are the 7th, 8th and 12th. At this time, strong and happy marriages will be concluded. But in New Moon 2 or on the Aging Moon 20, it is better not to risk feelings.

In September the days will be uneven enough for the love sphere, but you can make them more successful by making efforts. Having tuned in to a positive, you yourself are able to make many dates happy: from 3 to 6, from 8 to 11, from 13 to 16 September. This month is best to avoid the last days, from 27 to 29 September.

In October to bring happiness to each other, the couple will definitely be able to 2, 7 and 10. At this time, the Moon will gradually grow and gain strength, as will the feelings of people connecting themselves with a love oath. But the period from October 25 to 27 is better to devote to other matters.

In November You can safely plan any business in the field of romantic relationships before the Full Moon on the 14th. Unsuccessful this idea will be after and until the end of the month. The moon is waning, and the attention of Fortune is drawn entirely to other areas of life.

December the same story will repeat. All the most successful numbers are concentrated in the first two weeks of this month. And then, from December 15, the Moon falls under the influence of Cancer, and astrologers consider individual days to be successful, December 16 and 23.

Remember that strong love overcomes any obstacles. So, looking into the lunar calendar, do not abandon our plans. We wish you reciprocity, marital fidelity, happy family, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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