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Calendar of national holidays for June

Calendar of national holidays for June of the year

People always want to know what holidays are waiting for them in the near future. The national calendar for June of the year will keep you informed.

Calendars are usually used by visionary people who prefer to plan their affairs in advance. Therefore, we offer to familiarize, for example, with the church calendar for the year in which we collected the most significant dates for all believers.

Folk calendar

National holidays are different from ordinary ones in that they do not give days off and are not official, but almost everyone knows about them. These days are usually associated with any beliefs originating from ancient times.

Many national holidays fall on church, because earlier, when Russia only recognized Christianity, people independently interpreted certain holidays due to lack of knowledge.

June 1 — Ivan Long. On this day, they used the help of conspiracies to improve the fertility of the land.

June 5 — Basilisk. This is a mythical creature, a symbiosis of a rooster, a snake and a toad. On this day, it was not accepted to work in the garden.

If heavy dew falls on this day, then cucumbers will grow very well.

June 12 — Snake holiday. Our ancestors believed that on this day it was impossible to kill snakes, as this would bring a lot of trouble. Usually, beans, peas and beans were planted on this holiday.

June 16 — Lukyan Windmill. Many folk myths and signs were associated with the winds on this holiday. The main tradition of Lukyan Windmill is the choice of a place for the future of the well.

June 18 — Dorofeev Day. If the weather is clear, wait for a good harvest.

June 21 — Lita. Cast is an ancient holiday, dedicated to the longest day. This is a solstice day, about which much has been said by astrologers and psychics. On this night from 21 to 22 the number is usually conjuring, guessing and collecting herbs.

The most popular ritual is the destruction of misfortunes, problems, diseases. Usually all this is written on a piece of paper, which is then burned. If you have health problems, you can also turn to healers, whose strength increases significantly on that day.

June 22 — Kirillov Day. The people of this church holiday was considered the last day of spring. On this date, spring is completely gone from our lives, giving the crown of the reign of summer.

June 24 — Varnava Day. Usually June 24 on Earth walks evil. It was forbidden to harvest and any healing herbs.

This time, rampant witches and evil spirits.

June 25 — Solstice. A national holiday, during which marked the beginning of a descending day relative to the night. The main tradition of Solstice is fishing and fish dishes.

The main sign — if there is bad weather, expect trouble.

June 29 — Tikhon Tikhiy. Silence is a friend of the people on this day. There is a belief that the birds begin to gradually fall silent, starting from this day.

Rites and rituals for health are especially strong on Tikhon.

June 30 — Manuilo. Many dangers hid this day. It is recommended not to go to Manuilo in the evening and not to walk alone in the evening.

Also on this holiday, boiled and fried eggs, yes more, so that the chickens are better carried.

Folk calendar is rich in traditions and signs that our ancestors lived. Many esotericists note that at the beginning of summer protecting plots from diseases is always stronger and more effective than usual. Be wary of the evil eye, since the June evil eye will also be harder to remove. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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