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Calendar of favorable days of the week from October 19 to 25

Calendar of favorable days of the week from October 19 to 25

The upcoming week will give you many chances to prove yourself and succeed in your career and personal life. A calendar of favorable days will help you choose the right time for your beginnings and win luck.

Finance and career

The beginning of the week promises to be productive: Monday is favorable for professional activity. Self-discipline and purposefulness will be a reliable help in solving work issues, and business negotiations on this day will lead to long-term cooperation. But on Tuesday you shouldn’t start new projects and make responsible decisions: there is a high probability that disagreements will appear in the work team, which will significantly complicate the business process.

In addition, you can remind yourself of the unfinished business that you put off until later. Their completion will require you to endure and limit concentration.

Thursday and Friday will be very fruitful: it’s time to deal with matters that require an original approach. The ability to think outside the box will be your great advantage. The end of the working week is also favorable for self-development: attending cultural events or refresher courses will have a beneficial effect on your follow-up.

A cash forecast promises financial luck in the second half of the week. On Monday and Tuesday, it is better not to risk your financial well-being: try not to allow yourself unjustified expenses and do not lend money to untested people. At the beginning of the week there may be disruptions in finances, and in case of your negligence — and substantial losses.

But from Wednesday Fortune will smile on financial matters: feel free to make deals, make investments and make planned purchases. Wednesday and Thursday are favorable for transactions involving the purchase and sale of real estate.

Love and relationship

Week promises the onset of a favorable period in the relationship. On Monday and Tuesday, communication with the second half will not only bring you joy, but also help you get effective advice about your business. So even in a busy working period, leave time for heart-to-heart talk.

On Wednesday, an unstable emotional background and a bad mood will easily lead to conflicts that will last for a long time and will not allow you to take advantage of the excellent opportunities for strengthening relationships that will give the next days. Try to restrain yourself, ignore the annoying household trifles and direct the energy into the work so that it does not spill out in the form of aggression on your loved one.

Thursday and Friday are a great time to establish harmony and mutual understanding in a couple. A joint visit to the theater or to the exhibition will give a lot of positive emotions, and the subsequent discussion of your impressions will strengthen the spiritual connection between you and the honey. These days are favorable for building plans for the future — the decisions made during this period will definitely not remain “just words”, but will definitely be implemented.

Saturday and Sunday — the right time for vacation and new acquaintances. Those who are in search of love should more often appear in public and be active. Relations at this time will be very promising.

According to astrological prediction, the most unfavorable for the physical and emotional state of the day is the environment. The instability of emotions and the breakdown can lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases, headaches and increase the risk of contracting a viral infection. To avoid negative consequences, try not to overwork and get enough sleep.

The remaining days of the week are favorable in terms of health. On Monday, it is worth helping the body, which accumulates strength, using healthy products and avoiding bad habits. Thursday and Friday are favorable for spiritual practices and meditation, and on weekends it is worth restoring moral strength and refreshing the body by taking a tireless walk in nature.

Distribute your time correctly, and achieve the desired result in all matters. We wish you a successful and productive week, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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