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Calendar conception boy: what will be the character of the son

Calendar conception boy: what will be the character of the son

Any future mother is looking forward to the moment when her baby is born. To guess the birth of a son or, on the contrary, daughters can be very difficult, and even more so to know the character.

Using the conception calendar compiled by astrologers, you can not only give birth to a son, but also find out what the main features of his character will be. This will allow you to plan your pregnancy and choose a suitable name for your child.

What to do to have a boy born

Of course, mothers love children, regardless of whether the son is born or the daughter — the child will still be desired and loved. But sometimes you still want to try to podgadat pregnancy so as to give birth to a boy.

There are many popular ways around the world and will take to know the sex of a child before birth or even to conceive on a certain day. Oriental calendars are considered one of the exact ways, where the future child’s sex has always been treated with great attention: sons in many families are still more desirable than daughters, such is the power of tradition.

The Slavic peoples also had their own customs associated with pregnancy and carrying the fetus in the womb. Absorbed in the wisdom of their ancestors, they advised how to conceive a future protector and breadwinner of the family.

The nature of the boy on the astrological calendar conception

A mother expecting a boy, of course, wants to know how her son will grow up. Astrological science based on the Zodiacal Circle has established that the character can be calculated by managing the planet in the month of conception. To do this, it is necessary to calculate when you conceived or plan to conceive a son, and then check with the calendar.

If you want to boy with a fighting character, a true born leader, it’s better to conceive in August — the closer to the beginning, the better. A good option would be the end of March or the April days. These temporal periods are ruled by the Sun and Mars, and they will endow your son with suitable qualities.

You also fit November and December — all but the last week. If conception coincided with the end of autumn, it will be necessary to take into account in upbringing that the desire for leadership can reward a son and a difficult character.

If you want to grow scientist, researcher or just inquisitive, knowledgeable boy, you need to seek the patronage of Uranus or Neptune. The most favorable is the time period, which includes the whole of February and almost the whole of March, up to the twenties of its numbers. Conception February 29, if the year was a leap year, will exacerbate these qualities to the limit.

In addition to these terms, the first three weeks of June are suitable, up to almost the whole of September — up to the 23rd day. At this time, the sky is ruled by Mercury, who is active and endowed with remarkable intellect.

Boys who were conceived at the end of December or in January are usually grow caring, hardworking and thrifty. They know how to make money, to provide for themselves and their family in the future, they are ready to help and provide support. Such a little boy will not scatter toys, and when he grows up, he will definitely not forget his parents.

But when raising your son, try to ensure that he is not greedy, because otherwise he will lose this ability to preserve and protect what is important to him, and will be replaced by a sense of possessiveness. It can hurt when he creates his own relationship.

Of course, the few most successful months that we have cited do not mean that any other time for conceiving a boy is not favorable. After all, there are also individual conception calendars, and no one has canceled the chance of chance. But it’s worth trying to control fate.

It is in the indicated time frames that one or another character trait will manifest itself in the son most. But the main thing is that the child be conceived in love and harmony. We wish you a strong family, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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